Generation Z Dictionary: Babbel explains the terms noob to troll

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Without trolling today he will post you a Generation Z dictionary for all the boomers and noobs who want to spawn among young people without being banned instantly, with the hope that it will go viral. If you understand little of the previous sentence, do not worry, Babbel – a language learning company that offers live and app lessons – comes to the rescue, which we hope will not forget and forgive us for the slang used. Seriously the result is a real generational dictionary, which comes in anticipation of World Parents Day of 1 June. In short, a way to relate to the new generations, especially if you are a parent and find it hard to understand certain languages.

Babbel presents the Dictionary of Generation Z: gaming terms

  • Cheat: from the English “cheating”. The “cheater” is a person who cheats within a game by using illicit software or tricks to gain advantage over other players. This term has also entered the common language to identify, in fact, an impostor.
  • Noob: it is a rewrite of the term “newbie”, that is neophyte, beginner. It is often used with derogatory value to label a novice player, who is inexperienced in the dynamics and techniques of the game. Other ways of using the term are Niubbo o with themor “novice”.
  • RPG: stands for “Role Play Game” and indicates role-playing games. In Italy the abbreviation GDR (“Role Games”) is also used. It is a game where the players take on the role of one or more characters. These, through conversation and exchange, create an imagined space, where fictitious facts and events take place. The narrative setting can be inspired by a novel, a film or another creative, historical, realistic source as in real life or of pure invention.
  • Spawnare: in videogames, it indicates what happens when a character is generated at a certain point in the game, usually after being eliminated. The respawn it consists in the reappearance of a character or an enemy after his death or destruction. +
  • COD: Call of Duty is one of the most famous videogame sagas ever. It is played primarily in first person as an armed soldier and includes several missions to complete.
  • GTA: Grand Theft Auto is a very popular video game franchise developed by Rockstar Games. The player controls an outlaw and his rise in organized crime. The expression “Grand Theft Auto” is in fact widespread in the United States of America to indicate the aggravated theft of vehicles.
  • Fort: short for Fortnite. It is a hugely popular free battle royale style game.
  • Biohazard: this is the Japanese name of Resident Evil (also abbreviated with the acronym “RE”), a survival horror video game series that includes live action films, animated films, comics, books, audio dramas and merchandising. The story follows outbreaks of zombies and other monsters spawned from out of control experiments.

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Screenshots this article so you can track your peers

  • Ban: the term “ban” refers to the mechanism by which a player is prevented from accessing servers permanently or for a specific period of time after performing an action considered incorrect. You can also be “banned” on social media. Again, following a behavior considered inappropriate by the platform policy.
  • Going viral: literally “going viral”, it means that a content created and shared online has spread rapidly and reached millions of people. Viral videos can turn people into internet celebrities in no time and is a very common practice on social networks, especially TikTok.
  • Hate: from the English “to hate”. Receiving “hate” online means receiving aggressive criticism, insults or, at worst, threats from other web users in the form of comments or private messages. This kind of negative comments can be a source of strong discomfort in those who receive them, especially if they are very young.
  • Troll: in the jargon of the Internet, he is a user of a virtual community, usually anonymous, which hinders the normal course of a discussion by sending provocative, irritating or off topic messages.
  • Screenshottare: comes from the English word “screenshot” (composed of “screen” which means “screen” and “shot”, “photo shoot”). Indicates the act of photographing, through the use of a command, what is displayed on the screen of a device. In Italian it can be translated as “Still image” o “Screen photo”.
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