Genesis Market: chiuso il marketplace che offriva ai criminali l'accesso a credenziali rubate thumbnail

Genesis Market, closed the marketplace that offered criminals access to stolen credentials

The US Department of Justice announced in a press release that law enforcement agencies have seized Genesis Market. It is a online marketplace that sold over 80 million stolen credentials. This led to the arrest of 119 site managers.

Genesis Market Shut Down: The Serious Impact It Had

Genesis Market was born in 2018 and offered cybercriminals used data of all kinds. It was about social account credentials, bank account passwords and more.

Not only. Genesis Market gave cybercriminals access to user cookies and browser fingerprinting to allow for bypassing security such as two-factor authentication. The US Justice Department has pointed out that over 1.5 million computers have been compromised worldwide.

How cybercriminals moved

Thanks to Genesis Market, cybercriminals could acquire the digital identity of a user at variable prices between 5 and 200 dollarsso that you can access that account for steal funds, personal photos e sensitive documentsor send official documents in his name.

For the moment, fortunately, it seems that this criminal trade has ended, after the intervention of the police. What’s more, the authorities are able to help users verify if their login credentials have been stolenso as to understand how to act accordingly.

According to the FBI and the Dutch police, for example, the first step should be to sign out of all accounts on each web browserand then delete cookies and caches.

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