Ghostrunner: There are new game modes

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The publisher 505 games together with the developers and partners All In! Games, One More Level, 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks ™, today made available two new free game modes and the paid cosmetic Neon Pack for Ghostrunner, the first-person cyberpunk parkour action game on PC and console.

Ghostrunner will be available on Playstations 5 and Xbox Series X | S

Le versioni PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X|S will debut on Tuesday 28 September, each of them will contain the new modes released today and the Neon Pack, as well as all previous free DLCs. The Neon Pack instead will arrive on Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks.

Ghostrunner: Wave Mode and Assistance Mode

Wave after wave of brutal enemies who kill with a single shot in the new Wave Mode inspired by roguelike titles, an unpredictable challenge against the fierce enemies of the Dharma Tower. A variety of enemy types and procedurally generated formations, hero boosts between rounds and more transform Wave Mode into a new game in the game. Surviving 20 rounds will also unlock an exclusive sword!

Those who want to experience the story of Ghostrunner and enjoying the cyberpunk views of Dharma Tower without fear of instant death will love the new Assist Mode. Lower intensity for a more accessible revenge story with three options that can be activated: shorter cooldowns for more frequent use of skills, slower gameplay to help reaction favors, and an extra life.

To take down there will be Keymaster minions in style with the Neon Pack for € 4.99, which offers four sets of gloves and katanas: Neon Night, Glow, Luminescent and Reflections. Each of them features vibrant colors reminiscent of cyberpunk and synthwave. Below is the trailer:

To put on the agenda….

Moreover, since the beginning of September, the Jack Bundle is also on the market (€ 7.99 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch). This collection includes all the cosmetics launched for Ghostrunner so far, from the new Neon Pack to the previous Winter and Metal Ox Packs.

Next week, on September 7, the Summer Bundle will be launched (€ 12.99 on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG) which contains all existing cosmetic packs, plus Daniel Deluxe’s ​​original Ghostrunner soundtrack and a digital artbook. The soundtrack and digital artbook are also available separately in the Art Bundle, (€ 7.99 on Steam, Epic and GOG).

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