GhostWire: Tokyo - Here's the release date

GhostWire: Tokyo – Here’s the release date

Tango Gameworks and Bethesda announce the release date of Ghostwire: Tokyo for PlayStation 5 and PC. Here is the official trailer and the first images.

GhostWire: Tokyo out March 25 for PS5 and PC

There is just over a month left until the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo, the new dynamic adventure Tango Gameworks e Bethesda. The videogame will indeed available for PlayStation 5 and PC starting March 25, 2022. But there’s no need to wait to get a first taste of the game mechanics. In fact, to make our mouth water, it arrives a new trailer which shows us the breathtaking atmosphere of the title. The game takes us on a fascinating fantastic journey through a spectacular retelling of one of the most extraordinary cities in the world.

This new adventure will challenge players, challenging them to master the mystical arts of Weaving ethereal to defeat the dangerous Hannya and his followers who invaded Tokyo: the Visitors. These are supernatural entities that populate the incredible game world, creating a bright and mysterious atmosphere. A real declaration of love to Tokyo, to its curiosities and its secrets.

The city, recreated in an intriguing and modern way, is packed with characters belonging to Japanese legends, folklore and tales. Stories that have strongly inspired the storytelling of the videogame, curated by the creative minds of Tango Gameworks. Players who stray from the main path will encounter adorable characters looking for help and countless spirits to save. Also present unexpected meowing friends, who will exchange rare items for generous rewards. In fact, the secondary stories represent an element that greatly enriches the gaming experience.

Deluxe Edition and Early Access

PlayStation 5 players who will pre-order theDeluxe Edition by Ghostwire: Tokyo will get early access to the game as early as March 22, 2022. They will also get access to the streetwear style pack, shinobi outfit and kunai weapons.

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