Giant ducks, 1v1 training and teleportation: all the news of PUBG: Battlegrounds

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An upcoming update of PUBG: Battlegrounds will introduce several new features in the game. These also include a 1v1 training area for Battle Royale. The update (17.2) will arrive on May 11th for PC and eight days later, on May 19th, on consoles.

A dedicated arena for training 1v1 modes

Among the main innovations we find the new training area, with a dedicated 1vs1 mode. Consisting of three 60-second games, the new arena will allow players to train against friends or random opponents via matchmaking. Here, players will have basic equipment, two primary weapons and one secondary weapon. These cannot be changed. “Other items such as ammo, healing items and / or tactical gear will disappear from your inventory,” reads the official update notes.

It will therefore be a fight to the death. The matches will be played to the best of 3, whoever wins the first two is therefore the overall winner. Players will also be able to watch other battles by entering the arena without weapons and equipment. In this case they will only have apples, which they can throw at the two duelists.

The other new features of PUBG: Battlegrounds update 17.2

In addition to the new arena, Update 17.2 will also add a teleport feature that “will save time and create a better user experience”. Also fixed some minor bugs and improved the user interface for throwable weapons. In addition, it will now be possible to use items while driving a vehicle. The mortar will then be rebalanced to “unlock its hidden potential”.

Finally, the map will be adorned with huge rubber ducks. They will do absolutely nothing, and you can shoot them without any repercussions. Are you wondering why this choice was made? We too, and the answer is: because the ducks are beautiful.

Click here to read all the patch notes for Update 17.2.

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