Giffoni Good Games: video games, anime and pop culture in an unmissable event

Giffoni Good Games: videogiochi, anime e pop culture in un evento imperdibile thumbnail

Everything is ready for the first edition of Giffoni Good Gamesthe event produced by Giffoni Innovation Hub in collaboration with Giffoni Experience. Totally dedicated to video games and interactive culture, anime and pop culture. Where technological innovation and artistic and social expression intertwine, creating a dynamic, exciting experience full of surprises. The gaming universe, on 1 and 2 Julywill find space inside the Multimedia Valley Of Giffoni Valle Plain (Salerno). Between stimulating activities and panels and meetings with leading figures in the sector, the event promises to become a point of reference for enthusiasts and beginners.

Giffoni Good Games, the guests present

Thanks to the presence of guests such as Jean Luc SalaCreative Director of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Mirage. E Christian Cantamessaauthor and director whose curriculum includes titles such as Red Dead Redemption e Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The participants of Giffoni Good Games they will be able to discover the secrets of the professionals who have been protagonists of the industry for years.

Also among the special guests Fabio Violaone of the world’s leading gamification experts, Christian Pulieri, game developer and startupper. They will make a video game in just three hours, starting from the ideas of the public. AND Sarah Arduinoaward Oscar for the best VFX of the film Jungle Book and teacher of Side Academy, educational partner of the event. Laboratories and workshops will also be set up to allow everyone to explore the world of digital special effects.

Giffoni Good Games, il Panel and Talk Area

In the Panel and Talk Area it will be possible to get to the heart of interactive culture thanks to numerous panel scheduled that will review all the facets of the gaming world. All meetings will be led by the most acclaimed creators, including Michele “Sabaku” Poggi, Alessandro Fazza, Edoardo “Il Masseo” Magroil trio “Power Pizza” and many more. Aperinerdthe format created by Dario Moccia, lands in a live version at Giffoni Good Games: on July 1st at 8.00 pm, Dario and ten other creators will get together to talk about video games, anime and comics in the company of fans, in an atmosphere of pure joy and cheerfulness. To participate in the event, an additional ticket will be required, subject to availability.

Il format Creator District

The innovative format of the Creator District offers the unique opportunity to connect with leading creators including Virginia “Cash” Tell mewhich for years has been sensitizing its audience to the times of cyberbullying and online discrimination, Giorgio “Pow3r” Calandrelli, one of the most followed streamers in Italy, but also Sabaku, Frederick Frusciante, Vking, Matthew Corradini e Mattia “Victorlazlo88” Ferrari. Between meet & greet sessions and a myriad of activities, there will be plenty of opportunities to share your passion for video games with your favorite talents.

I videogamers presenti

Who loves e-sports a Giffoni Good Games will have the opportunity to see the most talented players on the Italian scene at work. Scheduled for July 1st i play-off from the tenth season of the Italian Rocket Championshipwhere the top four teams – Novo Esports, Reply Totem, Twentystars e Yotoru – will compete for the coveted title of Italian champions of the Summer Split. To organize the tournament is PG Esports, the first Italian company dedicated to competitive gaming. On July 2 instead the final of theUniversity Masters, the first video game tournament dedicated to Italian universities. Organized by 2WATCHmedia-tech company partner of the event that has been working for years in the e-sport and gaming sector, in collaboration with the Gazzetta dello Sport, aims to support students thanks to various scholarships up for grabs. Exceptional conductor Antonella Arpaknown to most as He died.

La Gaming Area

Anyone who thinks they are a champion will have the opportunity to prove it to Giffoni Good Games in the Gaming Area: the well-known team GL17CHa company created from the ambition of the famous footballer Cyrus Immobilewill organize the FIFA Pro Club & Tournamentwhere you can try your hand at a actual soccer fieldequipped with 22 workstations. The winners of the tournament will be able to experience a season as a pro-player of the GL17CH. In the area From Real To Simon the other hand, the stations from Sim Racing there will be 6, two of which are also accessible to people with disabilities, to allow everyone to immerse themselves in the e-sport universe and experience the thrill of motorsport in a constant dialogue between Sim drivers and real team drivers Kessel. Furthermore, thanks to GL17CH, good Games also arrive at Giffoni Cube teacherswhich through Minecraft, PC workstations and VR viewers will help children, families e curious with workshops and activities to promote training and education through digital and immersive tools.


In addition, the Area will be present 2WATCH-2PLAY: 300mq dedicated to video games, talk shows and virtual reality experiences. Dozens of gaming stations to challenge each other in the numerous tournaments and the chance to win fantastic Supercell prizes. The partner will also be present within the space “Let’s pop” which through custom made processes will be able to recreate a ‘Pop’ caricature tailored to the user. Finally, together with Luiss University Guido Carli, anyone who wants to deepen their own university orientation and learn about the training offers offered by the University, he can do so thanks to an experience in VR. For music and dance lovers, Just Dance stations and VR stations to try out new video games developed in a virtual environment.

The presence of the K-Pop musical genre at the Giffoni Good Games

The K-Pop phenomenon engulfs the Giffoni Good Games: in collaboration with KTS – Kpop Show Time, you can completely immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Korean pop. They won’t be missing performances live of K-Pop and random dance and animation and entertainment activities.

L’Innovation 4 Gaming

L’area Innovation 4 Gaming is the ideal place to get in touch with the most revolutionary startups in the sector: Hoken Tech will highlight the intersections between blockchain, NFT and cross-marketing by previewing a portable NFT dispenser. NFT Factoryon the other hand, will show its new game Cataclysm: Zero Mission, prequel to the acclaimed Cataclysm: a company operating in the web3 sector, it is dedicated to the integration of NFTs and videogames, opening up new dimensions of gamification. Blaster Foundry will surprise everyone by exclusively presenting a new version of Space Invaders, a tribute to the most followed Italian creators. We will eventually Code this Laba point of reference in the gaming landscape that has been producing in-house software and video games since 2009.

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