GIGABYTE AORUS Z690: here are the motherboards for Intel 12th gen

Gigabyte unveils its AORUS Z690 motherboards to build next-generation gaming PCs. GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 motherboards support up to 20 + 1 + 2 VRM / 105Amp phases of digital power supply with next generation DDR5 to unleash the extreme overclocking performance of the 12th generation Intel Core processors, codenamed Intel Alder Laker

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Announced AORUS Z690 Gaming Motherboards That Perfectly Support the Latest Processors Twelfth Generation Intel Core also known as Intel Alder Laker. Characterized by a design up to 20 + 1 + 2 phases of digital VRM power supply with each phase supporting up to 105 amps and an improved Fins-Array III heatsink design, GIGABYTE’s Z690 AORUS series is equipped with the best power and thermal management design to unleash the extreme performance and optimized overclocking capabilities on the next generation multi-core Intel Core K-series processors. PCBs, slots and components PCIe 5.0 they are also implemented in GIGABYTE’s AORUS Z690 motherboards for improved performance and stability. The exclusive slots of SMD memory with anti-interference metal cover and DDR5 memory overclock BIOS setting offer more stable signals to memory, which allow users to increase XMP performance and overclocking with stability. Select motherboards from the GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 line offer Feature rich I / O with built-in I / O protection, as well as the all-new Thermal Guard III design, Smart Fan 6, and more. Performance, power management, thermal properties, audio – GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 motherboards have all the requirements for users who want to push their computer’s firepower to another level. Jackson Hsu, Director of GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division:

With the advent of the next generation Intel Z690 platform and 12th generation Core processor, GIGABYTE also launched brand new motherboards to provide users with ultra durable products with premium compatibility, breakthrough performance and low temperatures through optimized power supply, heat dissipation. and expansion possibilities. GIGABYTE Z690 motherboards are designed for professional designers and power users who chase performance. Featuring 20 + 1 + 2 phase maximum digital power supply, high-end VRM heat dissipation, 2Oz PCB, nano-carbon backplate heat dissipation design, premium components and exclusive tuning function, GIGABYTE Z690 motherboards increase overall performance and overclocking of CPU and memory. In addition, enhanced by the support of a PCIe 5.0 graphics card, the multiple configuration of M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSDs, ultra-high-speed networking of 2.5G and beyond, and professional tuning in terms of research and development, the motherboards GIGABYTE Z690 offer impressive performance and stability and are definitely the perfect choice for high-end users looking for extreme performance on the Intel Z690 platform.

GIGABYTE AORUS Z690: here are the motherboards for Intel 12th gen

GIGABYTE AORUS Z690: 20 + 1 + 2 phase power design improves processor overclocking stability

The 12th Generation Intel Core processors mark a change in the design process in terms of both architecture and new LGA1700 socket, which makes users unable to use legacy processors by changing firmware or hardware details due to incompatible socket. The new architecture features the stepping Intel 7 and the “hybrid” design of P-Core and E-Core, which not only increase theoretical performance, but also allow processors to dynamically switch from high-performance operation to low-power energy saving mode. This allows users to take full advantage of the processors in a flexible way based on the operating needs of the system. With a maximum of 20 + 1 + 2 phases with which each Vcore and Vcc GT can support up to 105 amps thanks to the Smart Power Stage design, while Vcc AUX can support 70 amps with two sets of DrMOS design, GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 top-of-the-range gaming motherboards unlock the full potential of the new processors and enhance extreme overclocking performance on multi-core all-core. At the same time, the different high-quality components with solid pin sockets can provide more stable power and dissipate heat more efficiently with heavy work or overclocking tasks to prevent CPU throttling due to overheating, as well as supporting up to 2300 Amps to provide the best balance of power. In addition, the addition of tantalum polymer capacitors improves the transient response of the VRM between high and low loads, increasing the stability and purity of the processor power supply so that users do not have to worry about overlock errors caused by unstable power supply. During an extreme overclock, Intel Core i9-12900k reached the frequency of 8 GHz.

GIGABYTE AORUS Z690: here are the motherboards for Intel 12th gen

Advanced design, significant memory overclock

GIGABYTE introduced DDR5 memory starting with Intel Z690 consumer motherboards with DDR4 backward compatibility and prepares various Z690 motherboards for users based on market demands and various placements. Models with DDR4 perform as impressively as the latest generation ones, while DDR5 models benefit from the new memory architecture that enables 4800 MHz speeds with high energy efficiency, low latency and low consumption. In addition to the renowned Shielded Memory Routing, GIGABYTE Z690 motherboards also adopt the latest SMD memory DIMMs and double metal armor to allow users to enjoy premium memory overclocking performance with increased durability and stability. A real test confirms LN2 overclocking performance up to 8000 MHz and beyond.

In order to provide users with extraordinary memory overclocking performance with ease, GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS motherboards pack numerous advanced technologies. Enhanced by the unique layout design, the function “DDR5 Unlocked Voltage” It can unlock the native voltage adjustment range of DDR5 memory, which allows users to achieve higher memory clock with more stability. Furthermore, the BIOS setting is correspondingly optimized to a new level, with the “DDR5 Auto Booster” that allows you to increase the native frequency of DDR5 from 4800 MHz to 5000 MHz with a simple click and automatically increase the memories after Windows loads. This allows for performance improvements only during actual use of the computer. “DDR5 XMP Booster” allows users to quickly choose from multiple built-in and preset memory overclocking profiles. “XMP 3.0 User Profile”Allows users to create and register XMP profiles independently to dissect the extreme performance of their memories.

GIGABYTE AORUS Z690: here are the motherboards for Intel 12th gen

GIGABYTE AORUS Z690: Fins-Array III technology integrated with high coefficient thermal pad

To improve the overall heat dissipation, GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 MASTER motherboards and above are equipped with next generation Fins-Array III technology which further widens the surface of the thermal fin up to 9 times compared to a traditional heat sink, which further reduces heat when crossed by cold air for advanced dissipation. The design Direct-Touch Heatpipe II features 8mm direct contact heat pipe with reduced distance and larger contact area between the heat pipe and the heat sink to lower temperatures faster. At the same time, some models of the GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 implement a new generation LAIRD 9W / mK thermal pad in the VRM area that offers significantly improved heat dissipation over traditional thermal pads.

Additionally, some AORUS motherboard models are equipped with a metal backplate with nano-carbon coating for an elegant thermal design, while other Z690 AORUS models take up the full-covered one-piece metal plate on the MOS area from the previous design to provide more efficient heat dissipation. The multiple shaped fins and grooved surface provide a dissipation area twice as large as the traditional design which greatly improves convection and heat conduction by allowing more airflow to pass through the heatsink. GIGABYTE Z690 motherboards adopt 6-layer PCB and above, even up to 10 layers on high-end models. The upper and lower tiers both use 2OZ copper for better heat dissipation during high-speed CPU operation to avoid throttling due to overheating. In addition to the thermal design of the hardware on VRM, GIGABYTE Z690 motherboards continue to implement Smart Fan 6 technology and EZ Tuning function for a more flexible placement of the fan, an easier setting on the regulation and an advanced manual setting mode. Now users can further control the gaming system’s temperature setting for an optimal balance of quiet, cool and high performance.

GIGABYTE AORUS Z690: Next generation connectivity and expansion based on PCIe and M.2

The 12th generation Intel Core processors with Z690 chipset support the latest PCIe 5.0 specification. To meet the high-speed bandwidth required by the next generation of graphics cards, GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 motherboards fully adopt PCIe 5.0 design and select components from PCBs, PCIe slots and even controllers to provide optimized signal quality, prepared for future technology. The all-new PCIe 5.0 slot protection design further improves strength for better durability. In addition, all AORUS Z690 ATX motherboards are equipped with four PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots. Through VMD support on the Z690 platform, / RAID configurations are enabled through layout integration from CPU and chipset to achieve access speeds of over 20,000 MBs. When working at high speeds, the heat dissipation design becomes crucial for SSDs. The enlarged heatsink of some AORUS Z690 motherboard models and the patent of GIGABYTE Thermal Guard XTREME, which is powered by a larger, enlarged heatsink with heatpipe, which provides optimal cooling for PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSDs to prevent thermal throttling during high-speed operation.

GIGABYTE AORUS Z690: here are the motherboards for Intel 12th gen

Lightning-fast LAN, amazing sound effects, powerful expansion capabilities

The GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 line is equipped with 2.5 Gb Ethernet, up to 10 Gbit on flagship models, and Intel WiFi 6E 802.11ax network for the most comprehensive and flexible networking options. In addition, GIGABYTE AORUS Z690 motherboards fully integrate the latest technologies to meet every need, …

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