GIGABYTE: presented the new AORUS Z790 motherboards

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GIGABYTE introduces AORUS Z790 motherboards. Built for 13th Gen Intel Core CPU, with 20 + 1 + 2 phase VRM digital power design, with world-class configuration, offering extreme performance and ease of use

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltda leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and hardware solutions, today announced gaming motherboards AORUS Z790. These motherboards were designed exclusively for the latest processors 13th Generation Intel Core.

Details of the new AORUS Z790 motherboards from GIGABYTE

The Serie Z790 AORUS di GIGABYTE is equipped with the best power and thermal management solution. This allows you to unleash the extreme performance and optimized overclocking experience of the next generation multi-core Intel Core K-series processors. Mostly thanks to the digital power design. VRM up to 20 + 1 + 2 phases with each phase capable of delivering up to 105 amps and from the Fins-Array III heat sink,

The unique SMD memory slots with anti-interference metal cover and setting BIOS overclocked of the ram DDR5 offer more stable signals to memory. These allow users to easily increase XMP performance and overclocking. The motherboard GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 they are completely next-gen ready and are designed for PCIe 5.0 video cards and SSDs. In addition to strengthening the durability and stability of the signal thanks to the improved SMD slots, the technologies have been implemented PCIe e M.2 EZ- Latch. This is to make it easier for users to replace video cards and M.2 SSDs, making it easier to access the slots and protecting surrounding components from accidental damage.

Selected models of GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 motherboards offer users a Feature rich I / O, the innovative Thermal Guard III design and much more. Packed with comprehensive features for performance, power management, thermal and audio management. GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 motherboards definitely take the firepower of any computer to the next level.

GIGABYTE: presented the new AORUS Z790 motherboards

Statements regarding the new AORUS Z790 from GIGABYTE

With the advent of the next generation Intel Z790 platform and 13th generation Core processor, GIGABYTE has accordingly launched its new motherboards which provide users with ultra-durable products with premium compatibility, breakthrough performance and low temperatures thanks to the optimized power supply, heat dissipation system and expansion slots. Featuring premium components and a unique optimization feature, GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards improve overall CPU and memory overclocking performance

he has declared Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. Then continuing:

Featuring SMD PCIe 5.0 x16 and M.2 optimized slots with EZ-Latch design, ultra-fast 2.5G or higher network and dedicated Wi-Fi 6E spectrum. Thanks to these features, GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards impress users with extraordinary performance and stability, making them the perfect choice for the Intel Z790 platform.


The processors 13th Generation Intel Core they carry on the design stepping of Intel 7 and the “hybrid” architecture of P-Core and E-Core. Not only with the increase in the amount of E-Core. But also thanks to the possibility of the processors to dynamically switch between the high-performance and energy-saving operating modes. This allows users to take full advantage of the processors in a flexible way, depending on the operational needs of the system.

Design Smart Power Stage up to 20 + 1 + 2 phases with which Vcore and Vcc GT can support up to 105 amps. Thanks to this, AORUS Z790 allows to unleash the full potential of the new CPUs and enhances the extreme performance of all-core multicore overclocking. Offering more than 2200 Amps to provide the best possible power balance. At the same time, it provides more stable power and dissipates heat more efficiently under heavy workloads or overclocks to prevent CPU throttling from overheating.

Memory support of the new AORUS Z790 motherboards from GIGABYTE

Intel Z790 platform can support both DDR5 and DDR4 memory, whereby GIGABYTE has prepared different models of Z790 motherboards for users based on market demands and placement differences. DDR5 models benefit from the new memory architecture which enables high power efficiency, low latency and low power consumption. While the DDR4 models offer impressive performance. GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards also adopt next generation low impedance PCBs and layouts to allow users to enjoy premium memory overclocking performance with increased durability and stability. User tests also show an increase in overclocking performance up to DDR5-7600.

GIGABYTE: presented the new AORUS Z790 motherboards

New Features

To provide users with extraordinary DDR5 memory overclocking performance with ease, GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 motherboards enjoy several notable improvements over the Z690 platform. Enhanced by a new unique layout design, the “DDR5 Unlocked Voltage”Allows you to unlock the native voltage adjustment range of DDR5 memory. Thus allowing users to achieve a higher memory clock with greater stability.

In the BIOS settings, “DDR5 XMP Booster”Automatically detects the brand of the controller. This allows users to quickly choose from various built-in and preset memory overclocking profiles to speed up native DDR5 or XMP DDR5 memory. “XMP 3.0 User ProfileInstead, it allows users to create and save XMP profiles on their own, to unleash extreme memory performance.

Fins-Array III

To improve the overall heat dissipation, GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 MASTER motherboards and above are equipped with the Fins-Array III of the new generation. With the thermal fin surface further expanded up to 9 times more compared to a traditional heat sink, to allow for greater recirculation of fresh air and advanced heat dissipation.

Il design Direct-Touch Heatpipe II features an 8mm direct contact heat pipe with reduced distance and a larger contact area between pipe and heatsink for more efficient heat transfer, which lowers temperatures more quickly. At the same time, some versions adopt a pad termico LAIRD 12W/mK next generation offering significantly improved heat dissipation.

In addition, selected models of AORUS motherboards are equipped with a metal backplate with nano-carbon coating for an elegant thermal design. While several AORUS Z790 models continue to adopt the full coverage monobloc metal plate on the MOS area already seen on previous models. To thus provide more efficient heat dissipation.

GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards adopt a 8 layer copper PCB and above, copper 2 OZ, for better heat dissipation during high-speed CPU operation to avoid overheating throttling. In addition to the hardware thermal design on the VRM, GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards also use the Smart Fan 6 technology and the EZ Tuning function to guarantee users an optimal balance between quietness, freshness and high performance.

GIGABYTE: presented the new AORUS Z790 motherboards

High-speed bandwidth

The processors 13th Generation Intel Core with Z790 chipset can take full advantage of the latest features of PCIe 5.0. To meet the high-speed bandwidth requirement of the latest generation of video cards, GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 motherboards implement the design PCIe 5.0. This is to provide optimized signal quality already prepared for future technology.

At the same time, the AORUS Z790 is equipped with the technology EZ-Latch PCIe e M.2in addition to the advanced EZ-Latch PLUS for quick release of video cards and M.2 SSDs.

Plus, the exclusive slots SMD PCIe x16 GIGABYTE new generation are designed with an enhanced protective cover that provides reinforced tensile strength and robust design. With up to 2.2x increase in cut resistance and 1.5x on SMD M.2 design. With the M.2 EZ-Latch and EZ-Latch Plus design, the existing M.2 SSD screws have been replaced by automatic or manual locking systems. These reduce screw alignment or loss issues and greatly simplify the installation of M.2 SSDs.

Absolute news

GIGABYTE’s AORUS Z790 range is equipped with Ethernet a 2,5 Gb come standardcon 10 Gbit on top modelsand network WiFi 6E 802.11ax for the most complete and flexible networking options. Powered by DCT (Double Connect technology), network traffic can be dynamically adjusted to reduce online gaming latency, while also optimizing streaming and immersive VR experiences. Protecting users from the inconveniences associated with the network cable.

DCT technology enables multiple frequency bands on the Wi-Fi 6E network, which can connect to two Wi-Fi devices at the same time. For example, using the successful application Meta Quest 2 airlink, this can perform remote transmission of images with the 5GHz / 6GHz frequency, while connected to the network via router with the 2.4GHz. To allow users to experience the life of the Metaverse wirelessly.

GIGABYTE: presented the new AORUS Z790 motherboards


GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 motherboards are also equipped with the latest technologies that meet the growing demands for connectivity. Among these we have slot USB 3.2 Gen2x2, 3.2 Gen2 ed espansioni Thunderbolt 4/USB 4. The series uses powerful SNR audio engineering in conjunction with WIMA FKP2 studio audio capacitors, integrating an ESS SABER professional DAC with a unique GIGABYTE and DTS X Ultra design.

In addition, GIGABYTE also unveiled a new simplified software, called GCC (GIGABYTE Control Center) which replaces the traditional APP Center utility. Designed as a new management tool, GCC classifies user GIGABYTE applications with a newly designed user interface and will automatically detect installed GIGABYTE hardware for easy driver installation.

For more information, visit the AORUS website.

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