Gimme5 annuncia l'ingresso di Vanguard nell'ecosistema thumbnail

Gimme5 and Vanguard, a new partner in the ecosystem

The platform for investing small amounts of money via smartphone Gimme5 announced a new partner in the network Open Finace: it arrives in fact Vanguard. A company that manages the funds of over 30 million investors around the world.

Gimme5 announces the entry of Vanguard

With the new partnership, Gimme5 customers have two new funds ESG “Made with Vanguard”: AcomeA Moderata Strategy and AcomeA Growth Strategy. Both are available starting from one euro of investment. Giving its clients new ways to invest, taking advantage of the freedom of Open Finance and Open Banking.

ESG funds look to environmental, social and governance sustainability. Areas appreciated above all by young peoplei, Gimme5 main target. Which with an accessible digital savings offer allow you to plan medium-long term investments. Sustainable to the fullest.

gimme5 growth

With this tag in mind (over 70% of Gimme5 customers are under 35), the company has been able to grow by + 62% this year alone. Taking advantage of new investment opportunities, even on low figures.

ESG investments for all

Giordano Martinelli, Senior Partner of Gimme5comments: “The collaboration with Vanguard represents a decisive step for the growth path of Gimme5 which, after having signed B2B2C agreements with Crédit Agricole Italia and the neobank HYPE“.

And he explains that “Gimme5 and Vanguard share a vision of democratization of savings and this collaboration testifies to the common commitment to concretely respond to the increasingly urgent sustainability needs of the new generations of savers with an accessible and digital offer”.

Simone Rosti, Head of Italy and Southern Europe di Vanguard underlines: “The partnership with Gimme5 confirms Vanguard’s commitment to pursuing the objective of democratizing the investment market, giving Italian investors the possibility of accessing financial products on conditions previously reserved for institutions. Innovation, cost efficiency, simplicity and transparency are the values ​​that Vanguard is pleased to share with Gimme5, offering investors ad hoc ESG solutions based mainly on the use of passive instruments such as ETFs and index funds. “

Find here more information on AcomeA Moderate Strategy and here on AcomeA Growth Strategy.

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