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Glorious introduces the GMMK numeric keypad

Today the Glorious company unveiled its brand new GMMK wireless numeric keypad

Glorious (click here to access the store), the world leader in PC gaming hardware, today announced the imminent release of the new one GMMK numeric keypad. A wireless mechanical macro pad featuring fully customizable aesthetics and seamless Bluetooth 5.0 LE wireless connectivity. GMMK is an indispensable addition for gamers, streamers and productivity users. The GMMK numeric keypad was designed as perfect companion for GMMK PRO or GMMK 2 65% keyboards, but it’s also extremely versatile for use with almost any setup. It was designed with the enthusiast in mind, but is fully accessible to the general user. It contains several features never before seen on a macro pad, especially one that is widely available outside the enthusiast markets.

Glorious introduces the GMMK numeric keypad

Details of the new Glorius GMMK numeric keypad

The GMMK numeric keypad offers a total customizationcon 17 programmable keys and a push-in rotary encoder knob. We also have a slide control, PCB hotswap a 5 pin, 16.8 million RGB colors and a full line of accessories available. This allows users to design their own numeric keypads according to their personal style. The anodized aluminum housing with the unique side profile lights is extremely durable and aesthetically beautiful.

Statements relating to the Glorius GMMK

The following are the first statements regarding the new GMMK numeric keypad.

A macro pad was one of the most requested products by our community, we thought a lot about bringing innovation to a product historically considered boring,

he has declared Shazim Mohammad, founder and CEO of Glorious. Which he then continued by adding:

There is nothing else comparable in terms of versatility and premium design.

Il GMMK Numpad pre-order will be available Tuesday August 16th at 11:00 CT on and will begin shipping in September. It comes pre-built in Black Slate and White Ice colors, priced at $ 129.99.

Glorious introduces the GMMK numeric keypad

Technical specifications

  • 17 programmable keys + rotary pressure encoder knob and programmable cursor
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE Dual Wired / Wireless Connectivity – Up to 76 hours of wireless battery life
  • PCB hotswap a 5 pin + gasket mounted plate design
  • Pre-assembled with linear switches Glorious Fox factory lubricated and GSV2 stabilizers
  • Copritasti in ABS Doubleshot
  • Fully anodized aluminum body 16.8 million color RGB LED backlight and side lights
  • Compatible with Glorious CORE and QMK
  • Works with operating systems desktop, mobile and MAC
  • 2 year Glorius warranty

And you? What do you think of this brand new Glorius GMMK numeric keypad ? Let us know with a comment and stay tuned to for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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