Gmail: verification for login is mandatory from tomorrow, here’s what changes

Da domani obbligatoria la verifica in due passaggi per il login a Gmail: cosa cambia? thumbnail

Starting November 25, two-step verification with your smartphone will be mandatory to log into your Google accounts as Gmail.

Gmail: You will need to perform two-step verification to login

About a month ago Google announced the mandatory two-step verification for their accounts. The maneuver will be effective starting tomorrow 25 November, with the aim of increasing the security of the accounts. After all, cyber attacks have reached new heights in recent months, and the password alone no longer appears to be an effective method for protecting sensitive data.

Then comes the famous two-step verification, which tomorrow will affect approx 150 million users. But don’t worry: we are here to explain to you what changes. Also called two-factor authentication, is a common security method also on other platforms (Facebook and Instagram for example, not to mention the banking apps or the Spid). In fact, in addition to entering a username and password, you will need one second confirmation of identity. This can be done with a second device or with the biometric recognition (fingerprint, facial recognition).

From tomorrow, by logging into our Gmail account, we will be asked for a further verification. If we log in from the desktop it will be sent to us a notification to our smartphone. If, on the other hand, we are logging in from a mobile device, we will be asked for a fingerprint verification or via SMS code.