Gmail’s Help Me Type feature has arrived on Android and iOS

Gmail, la funzione Aiutami a scrivere è arrivata su Android e iOS thumbnail

New arrivals for Gmail: is available on Android come on iOS the functionality Help me write, in English: Help me write. It uses thegenerative artificial intelligence to compose messages that are sent via e-mail.

Help me write, the new Gmail feature: how to use it

The purpose of Gmail’s Help Me Type artificial intelligence is to help those faced with the composing an e-mail message. The function can be used when starting from scratch, or to give an answer to an email already received.

How does it work? Help Me Write is very easy to use. Just click on the button at the bottom right of the screen, then choose Crea which generates new posts and leave feedback before posting.

Once the text has been entered in the appropriate space of the composition, you can press on refine the text: in this way the generative artificial intelligence of the function formalises, elaborates, shortens or saves the text in question as a draft.

There’s also the I’m feeling lucky option, the same one that appears when you open the Google search engine. The text generated by the I’m feeling lucky option can then replace the one already written previously.

Who can use the feature

Who can use the Help me write feature? Only those who are enrolled in the program Workspace Labs. However, it remains free and available for those with both Android and iOS.

It is increasingly clear that Google is determined to make the most of artificial intelligence. Especially to cope with its fiercest competitor and which is very popular, namely OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Google Bard doesn’t stop: new functions and new languages ​​are coming soon

Google has confirmed an expansion of the availability of Bard che, over the next few weeks, will be accessible in an increasing number of countries. It should also be noted that Google’s AI chatbot will be able to count on support for a greater number of languages ​​(currently Bard speaks English, Japanese and Korean). Soon, Google Assistant will be able to talk in over 40 languages, including Italian.

Among the new arrivals are the visual responses. Google Bard will be able to respond by including images and videos to offer users more detailed and accurate information. Also note that Bard will be able to export responses to Gmail and Google Docs, in order to integrate more and more with the entire ecosystem of company services.

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