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God of Rock review: a not too successful crossing

In this review we will tell you about God of Rock, a particular hybrid between rhythm game and fighting game developed by Modus Games

By now the genres of video games have become much less defined and in recent times we have witnessed a large number of very special crossings. Of all the hybrid games though only a few have managed to grab our attention as much as God of Rock.

This new title, developed and published by Modus Games, promises to offer players a unique experience that combines the typical fighting game mechanics with those of rhythm games. Combining two such different genres is not easy at all and in this review we will find out together if God of Rock has succeeded in the enterprise.

Musical clashes – God of Rock review

In God of Rock you will have to face some competitive battles against other players (online or locally) in which only those with the best sense of rhythm will be able to prevail. As in most rhythm games, there is also one here trace where, depending on the selected song, they will appear four different note types that follow a specific pattern. By pressing the key associated with each note at the right time you can send an attack to your opponent who, if he fails to keep up with your rhythm, will end up taking damage.

So far you certainly haven’t noticed many differences with a classic rhythm game, but this is where the fighting game elements. In fact, during the clashes you will not have to limit yourself only to following the rhythm of the music, but you will also have to perform special moves. By making certain key combinations in fact, you will be able to exploit techniques that can make life more difficult for your opponents or simplify yours.

In order to use the moves it is necessary to load a gauge that it will fill up more and more as you keep hitting the notes in time and consequently to excel in this title you must learn to master two very different playstyles simultaneously. Keeping the beat while executing specific key combos isn’t easy at all, but once you get used to it, you can finally start playing God of Rock for real.

Unfortunately, however, from this point on you will begin to perceive the lack of gameplay depth. In fact, the techniques are very few, simple to perform and with fairly trivial effects. In most cases, in fact, they will limit themselves to inflicting damage, making the track less readable to the opponent or canceling some of his moves, ending up making many clashes extremely repetitive. Indeed in the game there are no advanced techniques such as dodges or perfect parriesand to get the better of your opponents, all you have to do is be better than them at keeping pace and using moves at the right time.

God of Rock review: a not too successful crossing

Battle Musicians – God of Rock Review

Being part fighting game, obviously in God of Rock they are present several characters to choose from. In total in the game are present twelve fighters different and each of them will have unique moves and mechanics. For example Hilde can heal itself and deal more damage based on its life points, while Kosaku instead he is able to alternate between two forms that are able to use attack moves or inflict malus on opponents.

Although on paper these characters seem very different from each other, in the end suffer from the same problem we told you about in the previous paragraph. In fact, each of them will have roughly five or six moves that cause gods very similar effects. Consequentially you don’t notice many differences in using one fighter rather than another, and after a few hours of play you will have already learned how to behave according to the opponent you are facing.

If on the one hand the fighters leave something to be desired, on the other hand aWe really enjoyed the music tracks. In fact, in the game there are a over forty different songs which, in addition to being a lot beautiful to listen toare also fun to play. All of these tracks are categorized according to difficulty, and you need quite a bit of training to learn how to run them correctly. This also applies to the simplest ones, given that during fights the tracks will continue to go on indefinitely until the fight is over and over time the sequence of keys to press will become increasingly rapid and complex.

God of Rock review: a not too successful crossing

Little style – God of Rock review

As for the technical sector God of Rock performs quite well. During our test (which took place on PC) the framerate has always remained quite stable and moreover we have not encountered any kind of bug. Unfortunately however we were a bit disappointed with regards to the personalization settings. In fact, although it is possible to reassign the keys very easily, unfortunately we felt the lack of options dedicated to note colors and interface management.

As for the artistic side, however, we must say that God of Rock it failed to particularly impress us. The backgrounds of the battles are not bad, but they are so simple that you will hardly give them more than one look. Furthermore also the character designs failed to convince us since, although they are very eccentric and caricatured, in the end they really turn out trivial and already seen.

God of Rock review: a not too successful crossing


Now the point of our review has finally arrived in which we sum up God of Rock. This particular title has set out to bring together two very different genres and sadly we have to say that he failed to do it in the best way. In fact, the title is far from the complexity that characterizes real fighting games, and ultimately is little more than a classic competitive rhythm game. However, this does not mean that God of Rock is a total failure. If you are gods of day rhythm game indeed for sure you will really enjoy the songs featured in the game and the complexity of some tracks.

God of Rock è disponibile ora per PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One e Xbox Series X | S. If you are interested in staying up to date on all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on techgameworld.com. Furthermore, in case you want to buy some games at an advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the many offers on Kinguin.

Plus points

  • Lots of quality music
  • Fun and challenging tracks

Points against

  • It lacks the complexity typical of fighting games
  • Trivial character design
  • Few customization options