God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates

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In this guide we will go to see the exact location of all the Nornane chests present in God of War Ragnarok and how to unlock them

God of War Ragnarok it is certainly the most awaited exclusive by the many owners of PlayStation 5 e PlayStation 4. While there is an important difference between the previous chapter and this one, some things have remained basically unchanged. Also in this new release we find the coffers of the Norns, renamed now Nornane case. These particular crates will contain two very important objects inside them: the Mele di Idunn eh Horns of Mead. These objects will allow you to increase Kratos’ life and anger respectively to allow us to survive better during our adventure.

However obtaining these items will be alternated, since it is dictated by what was obtained from the previous cash register. It will therefore not be possible to obtain Apples or Horns for two consecutive times. Furthermore, every time we increase one of the statistics, the required resources will increase. So, if the first time only one Apple or one Horn will be required, then we will need two identical objects, the one after three more and so on. However opening these crates will not be as easy as you might expect.

So let’s start this one guide to see the exact location of all Nornane chests in God of War Ragnarok and we also discover how to solve the various puzzles that keep them closed. Below we leave you a list that will allow you to move more quickly within the guide by getting you directly to the section you want (some speakers are grouped into areas):

Various types of crates

Before continuing, it seems only right to make a clarification. God of War Ragnarok, just like for God of Warit’s a title based on exploring various realms multiple times in a single game and every time we return to one we have already visited, we will discover new areas that were previously inaccessible. This makes it more difficult to write a complete guide that can provide all the clues to you readers. For this we ask you to have a little patience and go over this page several times during the first few periods because the article will be in constant updating until completion of the same. Let’s go back to our guide now.

The title presents well five types of Nornane speakers, each unlockable by breaking or interacting through nearby environmental objects. The first type interfaces through gods totem and they are also the easiest to unlock. Once we have found this type of crate all we have to do is search for the three totems hidden nearby and destroy them. To the boys of Santa Monica like to hide these objects behind waterfalls and geysers, so always keep your eyes peeled.

The second typology interfaces with gods instead to the commuter. These crates are also easy to open, all you need is just one good memory. Just remember the various symbols engraved on the case, look for these gadgets (some will be well hidden) and rotate them until one of the runes in the chest appears. Once this is done, move on to the next. If the chest still doesn’t open, go check the runes again as it’s easy to get some of them confused.

Now let’s move on to the speakers that they open with bells. Although it is not difficult to find these objects, as they are really huge, the most complex part comes when we have to hit them to activate them. These, in fact, they will produce a longer or shorter sound. It will be up to us to figure out how long each of these will last and make them sound in the right order, from longest to shortest.

God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates

Two Types of Truly Tough Nornane Crates – God of War Ragnarok Nornane Crate Location Guide

The fourth type of speakers, those that have to do with the braziersI am completely new to God of War. In fact, these objects can be activated by the Blades of Chaos heavy ranged attack to catch fire. Although it seems simple as a process, the developers have put their efforts to complicate it. First of all remember that the wateras it should be, it will put out the fire. To solve some puzzles you will then have to freeze the water and keep it frozen so as not to frustrate all your work.

Lighting some of them at the beginning will be a real agony, mainly due to the distance of the braziers. Towards the end of the game we will unlock some arrows that will allow us to create a seal on the walls that we can detonate using the Blades. However, the latter will not be able to go very far and the seals will be at most three. We will therefore have to position the latter with skill in order to activate the brazier by means of the blades. These seals rotate and light up if they have been positioned correctly with each other. If we have difficulty, we may as well enlarge the seals by shooting more arrows, up to a maximum of two more. However, this procedure will destabilize the seal, causing it to automatically explode after a while.

Another new type of Nornane crates featured in this guide regarding their location in God of War Ragnarok is represented by those that they interface with totems that regenerate. Opening them will not be easy, especially in the early stages of the game. These totems will regenerate too quickly to be able to destroy all three together. To open them in fact we will need a different type of tool which will only be available later in the game. Although therefore they can only be unlocked later, the developers have also put some at the beginning of the game, perhaps to “tease” some players slightly.

God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates


The first realm that we are going to know within the game is that of Svartalfheim. This will therefore be the first explorable region that will allow us to collect Apples or Horns to increase our statistics. In this land there are 10 boxes Nornane, ma only 6 will be accessible on our first visit.

Aurvangar Wetlands – God of War Ragnarok Nornan Chest location guide

Checkout 1

Take the Mystical passage to reach the wetlands of Aurvangar and use the boat on the beach. Pay up to reach the first boarding area which will be on your right, immediately before the water wheel. When you land on the island, freeze the geyser and jump to the other side. Keep right, jump over a small pit and reach a small patch of land with a Nornana chest on it.

God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates

To reach the first totem, all you have to do is retrace your steps towards the geyser you just came from. Freeze the second geyser next to the one you froze earlier (left when looking at the river) and you’ll reveal a cliff hold. Go up from here, go left and right next to a large tree you will find the first totem to break.

God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates

Then go back to the cashier and face almost towards it. Will find the second totem on a cliff to your rightwhile on the left, on the island behind the cash desk to be clear, you will find the third and last totem. Destroy both of them and you will get the first item.

God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates

Cash 2

Continue along the river until you reach the bend that takes you right towards Nidavellir. Instead of continuing to the city of the dwarves, look for a small cave in the rock and go to the latter. Once inside, leave the boat and land on the shore. Walk until you reach one completely destroyed dwarven structure. Under the latter you will notice a chest with three symbols that you will have to memorize.

For the first switch, all you have to do is look to the right and head for a giant gear half buried in the ground. Freeze the geyser next to it and you will notice the first switch. So recall the ax and hit the object, then refreeze the geyser and check the rune. Repeat this step until you find the one that’s right for you. Now head to the left of the gear and you will come across a huge pit. Instead of jumping, look along the left wall and you will see the second switch. Hit it until the central rune appears.

Now go back to the cashier e take the path on the far left. Climb the rock, continue forward and turn to the largest volcanic rock formation. Above you can clearly see the last switch. Hit him until the last rune of the chest appears.

God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates

Bay of Plenty – God of War Ragnarok Nornane Chest location guide

A cash-rich region in Svartalfheim is there Bay of Plenty. Here you will find well three Nornane crates of God of War Ragnarok to let our Kratos open and now we will go and see their exact location and how to unlock them.

Dragon beach

When you first leave Nidavellir by boat, turn right and reach the first place where you can disembark. This is called Dragon Beach, so named for the statue there and for the huge dragon skeleton nearby. Clear the area of ​​various enemies e head under the bridge. Here you will find the third chest of the game. To break the first totem pole, turn around and head to the water, remaining between the two landing areas. Here you will see a geyser behind a crane. Freeze it, locate the totem pole and break it with your ax.

The second totem is more difficult to trace. If you go to the right of the chest and freeze the geyser near the dragon statue, you will see a totem protected by a metal grid. To destroy it you will have to go to the other side of the statue and follow the tail of the statue with your eye, you will see the totem stick up through the grass. Now all you have to do is destroy it with your ax.

God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates

Return to the front of the chest and look behind it. Slightly on the left you will notice yet another geyser to freeze. Do this and the third and final totem will appear behind him. So take back your ax and throw it through the jet of steam to destroy the last one object that holds the case closed.

God of War Ragnarok: here is the location of the Nornane crates

Radsvinn plant

Disembark near the Watchtower which divides the island into the Bay of Plenty. Here, instead of taking the Tower path from Sindri’s shop, go up the hill and head to the Radsvinn Plant. On the left of the same, overlooking Lyngbakr Islandyou will find a chest that will open with the braziers. The first is located right next to the cashier. Use the Blades to turn it on.

So walk behind the lift and then turn left at the rear of the lower deck. You will see barrels blocking a hole in the wall. Use the arrows of Atreus to break them and thus reveal the second brazier which you can then light. From the back deck, walk left and go up to the upper deck. Look to the rightnear the cliff, and you will see a brazier locked behind a metal fence. Move as far to the left as possible to get an observation point …