God of War Ragnarok: l’aggiornamento New Game Plus

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The update New Game Plus per God of War Ragnarok takes players back to the world of the Nine Kingdoms, with some exciting additions for unprecedented replayability. Let’s find out all the news of the update together, available free of charge for all owners of the title.

God of War Ragnarok: what’s new in the New Game Plus update

The New Game Plus introduces several new features that enrich the gaming experience and increase replayability. Here are some of the main ones:

  • New armor: you can get three new armor sets for Kratos, each with a unique look and perks. Black Bear Armor will keep you warm during Fimbulwinter and give you a Strength and Defense bonus. Spartan armor, on the other hand, will challenge you with its lack of stats and perks, ideal for the bravest players. The Armor of Ares will give you a higher chance to drop a Healing Stone when hitting enemies, which is useful for recovering health in battle.
  • Higher maximum level: You will now be able to convert level 9 equipment (armor, weapons, weapon components and shields) into the new ‘Plus’ versions, which will guarantee further levels of progression.
  • New spells: you will be able to unlock new enchantments and engravings for your armor, which will give you additional effects.
  • More powerful enemies and bosses
  • Render Mode in black and white to relive the adventures of Kratos in a more cinematic way
  • Expansion of the Niflheim Arena with new (and more powerful) enemies

To find out in detail all the innovations introduced by the update, we refer you to the official Sony blog post. We also remind you that God of War Ragnarok is an exclusive PlayStation 5 game. Find our review here.

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