Godzilla arriva su Call of Duty

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If anyone thought that the third season of Call of Duty could not surprise more than it has done in the past, let us say that he was very wrong. As already anticipated by some rumors some time ago, Godzilla e King Kong it could come to the franchise to throw some gameplay havoc. To confirm these “special guests” is the official account of the game, which has released a video teaser in which a series of background noises suggest the arrival of some monstrous creature in the franchise. Ready to find out what it is?

Call of Duty: Godzilla and King Kong arrive in the franchise

Everything is ready for the next season of Vanguard e Warzone. In the coming weeks, in fact, Call of Duty is preparing to welcome Godzilla and King Kong in its gameplay. Recently, in fact, the official Twitter account of the franchise published a teaser video in which the soundtrack is interrupted by strange – and disturbing – background noises. Fortunately, YouTuber PrestigeIsKey analyzed the audio with a spectrograph, revealing that the sound waves reproduce the words “Monsters are real”. To confirm the arrival of Godzilla there is also another user, who publicly declares on Twitter that the sound can only correspond to the verse of the monster.

The rumors leaked on the Net some time ago, therefore, seem to be real. Godzilla arrives on Call of Duty in a season that promises to be truly sensational. “With Nebula, the Nazis have unwittingly awakened something, something far more powerful and frightening than we can ever hope to understand.” So reports the official teaser of the game, which confirms that the two mythical beasts will make their way into the huge Activision franchise, conquering the Pacific island where Warzone is currently based. On the other hand, given the proximity to Japan and Skull Island, the arrival of the two monsters is very likely. If that’s the case, we’ll find out in the near future.

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