Gomorrah becomes a video game: it was developed by an independent Italian studio

Gomorra diventa un videogioco: lo ha sviluppato uno studio indipendente italiano thumbnail

After the book, film and TV series, Gomorrah has now become a video game released February 16th. In reality, compared to the best seller and the works for the big and small screen, the videogame transposition was totally independent. Roberto Saviano, author of the book and co-writer of the Sky series, did not in fact participate in the project.

The game is being developed by an Italian studio called 34BigThings, former creators of the video game series Redout.

What do we know about the Gomorrah video game

The Gomorrah video game, released on February 16, 2023 on PC (via Steam) and Android. The plot will be only vaguely inspired by the narrative universe that we have known in recent years. To unite everything is obviously the theme of organized crime and the setting: Naples. Despite this, 34BigThings has made it known that it wants to distance itself from the stereotypes of the genre, telling a story that doesn’t necessarily glorify the work of the Camorra.

Gomorrah video game

From a gaming point of view, the game looks like a management game with a strong narrative component. The latter will tell the story of Nina Miniero, called to inherit the criminal empire of her father, a powerful boss.

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