Goodbye Adobe Flash, the future of entertainment is called Amazon

We are moving towards epochal changes, some already underway. Started more or less after the farewell of a historical software like Adobe Flash

The world of entertainment has changed a lot over time, particularly in the last year. From gaming, we started talking about connectivity and accessibility, today key words in the world of gambling. Hyperconnection also means this: to ensure that a future is born and that it develops in the wake of an increasingly technological and avant-garde present. Meanwhile, we are moving towards epochal changes, some already underway. More or less started after the farewell of a historical software such as Adobe Flash.

What changes after the farewell of Adobe Flash

On December 31st Adobe Flash closed a parable that began in 1995 that made it by far the leading software in the market for the development of games, slot machines and casinos. Last December 31 Adobe stopped working, after having characterized the scene for twenty years thanks to an intuition of Macromedia, who bought it from SmartSketch, for all the forerunner of Flash Player. Which it became only in 2005, when Adobe actually became what everyone has known and appreciated for the most diverse activities. It was a revolutionary software for games, which allowed the exit from obsolescence and entry into the technological age.

In 2020, after years of honorable service, the same Adobe then became obsolete even for online slot machines that drew heavily from the software, perhaps the first that really managed to introduce the much vaunted digital revolution within the sector of sites hosting online casinos. Without Adobe today the gamers would not know must-haves like “Book of Ra Deluxe”, the mythical slot set in the world of Ancient Egypt. But not even two titles with extraordinary turnover and sensational longevity like SuperMario Bros (40 million copies) and PacMan.

Finally, Adobe, which has characterized all the online casinos today essential for millions of players, made its latest contribution to the 2020 of the gaming world, when the virtual game collection exceeded 30 billion euros.

The future of the game is called Amazon

Numbers like this are for numbers one. Adobe has passed and its era is now over. What better future than with Amazon, pioneering in every sector? Today we go towards the birth of Amazon Games, a platform directly dedicated to online games and entertainment. And there is already the first title, New World, available from next August. Adobe’s legacy is a big one: only ten years ago about 80% of games traveled on Flash Player, now the ball goes to Amazon. Which will have to bring the world of the game to another, prolific dimension.