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Goodbye Netflix DVD, 10 extra discs as a last gift to subscribers

Netflix has announced that it is closing its service postal rental of DVDsbut not without a final gift of appreciation for his loyal subscribers: 10 discs to close the subscription. The DVD shipping service served the streaming giant as a launchpad, but now the company shuts it down for good.

Netflix, 10 DVDs as a gift for postal service subscribers

After 25 years of sending movies straight to your letterbox, Netflix has decided to end this long rental season, but not without a parting gift. For those who still rely on DVDs, Netflix offers its subscribers a number of extra discs as a final gift.

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According to an email posted to Reddit, Netflix has informed its customers that it will be shipping up to 10 extra discs as a gesture of gratitude and farewell. These extra discs will be shipped on September 29, the date that marks the final dispatch of the service. To participate in this initiative, users will simply have to do click on the link provided in the email by August 29th.

Netflix DVD

Netflix wrote: “After 25 years of mailed movies, we are getting closer to the end of our last season. We really appreciate you sharing movie nights with us until the very last day. Let’s have some fun for our finale!”

However, there is a little mystery in the air. Netflix will choose which extra discs to send based on each user’s movie queue, and will not notify users of incoming extra discs. It will be a real surprise for subscribers, so they can have a few more movies to enjoy.

The gift, however, will not be definitive: after all, Netflix lends films, not sells them. So you will have to return them. The deadline for returning all discs, including extra discs, it is October 27, 2023.

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