Goodram HL200 Review: Small and Convincing Portable SSD

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In this review we talk about the Goodram HL200 portable SSD, a certainly compact and roomy model with excellent speeds

In this review we talk about Goodram HL200 1 TB. Nowadays, as we know, it is essential to have with you pocket devices, small and efficient and surely this is one of those devices. Let’s not get lost in chatter and let’s see how he behaved.

Unboxing | Review Goodram HL200

The packaging, product business card, it is certainly of high quality. The device is well protected and on the outside of the package there is all the necessary information. Inside, to complete the equipment, we find a cable USB-C / USB-C and another cable USB-C / USB-A.

Technical features

Before we get into the tests, it’s a good idea to run what appear to us to be the technical features principals of the product.

  • Available capacities: 256 / 512 / 1024 GB
  • Interface: USBH 3.2 Gen 2
  • Physical Dimensions: 65 x 43 x 11 mm
  • Memoria flash 3D NAND
  • Weight: 67 gr
  • Full speed sequential reading: 520 MB/s
  • Maximum sequential write speed: 500 MB/s

Goodram HL200 Review: Small and Convincing Portable SSD

Design and first impressions | Goodram HL200 review

The device is really minimal, Enough light It’s really piccolo. The material of which it is built, aluminum, makes the product very robust and pleasant to the touch. The only flaw that can be found, perhaps, is the absence of erasers or softer surfaces on one of the two sides to avoid rubbing it on other metal surfaces on which it could be placed. It goes without saying that the device is absolutely plug and play. As soon as it was taken out of the box, it was connected to the computer via cable USB-C in endowment and was immediately ready to use.

Goodram HL200 Review: Small and Convincing Portable SSD

Field Test | Goodram HL200 review

The SSD has been used quite a bit for transfer large files and has always performed admirably. Rarely They were encountered sudden rises or out of control of temperature. The rated maximum speed, of approx 500 MB/s it is appreciable, at least in reading, even from the tests we carried out. For carrying out the tests was used CrystalDiskMark. This is a storage device benchmark software that measures the read and write speed of your devices as well solid state drive (SSD).

Conclusions and price | Goodram HL200 review

Using this SSD we must admit that we found ourselves well. A device simple, no frills that does its job well. Read/write speeds are good, le very small dimensions and the design is also taken care of. The price at which it is available is around €90 for the largest size, i.e. 1TB, therefore its purchase it turns out nailed it.

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Plus points

  • Reduced weight and dimensions
  • Acceptable speeds
  • USB-C/USB-A adapter included

Points against

  • Absence of rubber pads to place it comfortably
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