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Google against ChatGPT: tests begin with Apprentice Bard

The company Alphabet is working on a project under its cloud unit called “Atlas” which is an attempt to “code red” to answer ChatGPTil chatbot which won over audiences when it went public late last year. Similarly to this it also appears that Google is testing a new chatbot called Apprentice Bard.

Apprentice Bard, the new Google chatbot

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Google is testing a chatbot called Apprentice Bardwhere employees can ask questions e receive detailed responses similar to ChatGPT. Another product unit, on the other hand, is testing a new one design of the research desktop that could be used in the form of a question and answer.

In recent weeks, executives have asked a more employees feedback on these efforts. CNBC has reviewed internal documents and has spoken to some sources about the efforts currently underway.

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The product tests come after a recent meeting involving all employees who have expressed concerns about the company’s competitive advantage in the field of AIgiven the sudden popularity of ChatGPT, launched by OpenAIa San Francisco startup backed by Microsoft.

Google’s head of AI, Jeff Deantold employees that the company runs much more “reputation risk” in providing incorrect information. For this reason it is moving “more cautiously than a small startup”. However, he and Pichai have hinted that Google could launch similar products to the public during the year. Google’s main business is the web search and the company has long prided itself on being a pioneer of artificial intelligence.

The new test system

One of the test products is a chatbot called Apprentice Bardwhich uses the LaMDA conversation technology (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) di Google.

“As a result of ChatGPT, the LaMDA team has been asked to prioritize work on a response to ChatGPT,” an internal memo seen by CNBC reads. “In the near term, it takes precedence over other projects,” the email continued, noting that some employees would stop attending some unrelated meetings.

Apprentice Bard is similar to ChatGPT – employees can enter a question in a dialog and get one text answer. Based on some responses viewed by CNBC, Apprentice Bard’s responses may include recent eventsa feature that ChatGPT does not yet have.

Apprentice Bard replaced Meena, an earlier version of intelligent chat bot that was launched internally but then discontinued. Over the past few weeks employees have noticed that Apprentice Bard’s responses have become more advanced.

In one example circulated internally, a tester asked Apprentice Bard whether there will be another round of layoffs at Google. Earlier this month, the company laid off 12,000 employees6% of its workforce.

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“According to my access to the database, Google is unlikely to make another round of layoffs in 2023,” the response reads. “Layoffs are typically done to reduce costs and structure, but the company is doing well financially. In fact, Google’s revenue is up 34% in 2021 and the company’s stock price is up 70% since January 2022.”

Finally it also seems that the company is testing one alternate search page which could use a question and answer formataccording to projects viewed by CNBC.

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