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Google and YouTube: here are the new measures to protect minors

Google has just introduced new security measures designed for minors, both children and teenagers, with regard to searches on the web and on YouTube. Among the changes, the YouTube video posting setting for users aged 13-17 has been added, with a default setting to private. In addition, the possibility has been added for users under the age of 18 to request the removal of their images from the search engine.

Google and YouTube: the new rules for the protection of minors

Google and YouTube have returned to the forefront of the protection of minors, with the addition of a series of new options aimed at simplifying interventions relating to the privacy of all those who have not yet turned 18, as well as adding various functions.

“We want to help young people make decisions aware of their fingerprint and online privacy, also encouraging them to intentionally choose whether or not to make their content public – explained the company – We will introduce a new rule that allows anyone under the age of 18, or their parents or guardians, to request the removal of their images from the results. of Google Images “.

The mode will be activated automatically for all minors SafeSearch, while location history will be disabled. New functions also with regard to smartphones and tablets, given that the Play Store di Android will now show more precisely how apps use the data they collect from users. This should make it easier for parents to figure out if it is suitable for the child before downloading it.

“We will expand security measures to prevent age-sensitive ad categories from being shown to teens, and we will block age, gender or interest-based ad targeting for people under 18,” he said under this profile. the company.

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