Google announces removal of inactive Gmail accounts

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Google recently communicated to millions of users Gmail the possible permanent removal of their accounts if they remain inactive for more than two years. This new policy, which goes into effect by December 2023, is part of a broad update to Google’s policies on inactive services, aimed at enhancing account security and privacy.

Google: Removing inactive Gmail accounts coming soon

As Hardware Upgrade explains, users with Gmail accounts that have been inactive for over 24 months they will receive notifications via email, with a forewarning Of 3 weeks before permanent removal. It is important to note that not only will the direct user be notified, but also therecovery address connected. Google estimates that this new policy will lead to deletion of millions of unused personal email accounts.

The main goal of this initiative is to protect users from potential security threats, such as phishing and identity theftà, which can more easily target abandoned and unsupervised accounts. Additionally, removing unused personal data improves privacy by lowering retention times.

To avoid the permanent cancellationowners of inactive Gmail accounts can simply log in and use their account before it expires. Activities such as sending or receiving emails, using Google Drive or search on Google will prevent the account from being permanently removed. Likewise, users who have posted videos on YouTube will not be affected by the deletion of their accounts.

Google assures that it will continue to send in the coming months memorandum to minimize inconvenience to affected users and to ensure that they are well informed about the situation of their accounts. Just log in to avoid cancellation.

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