Google applies more and more sanctions Russia: Android ban on the way?

Google: more and more sanctions against Russia, Android ban on the way?  thumbnail

The battle of the tech companies against the Russia continues with no holds barred e Google it is considering the application of increasingly heavy penalties. The restrictions seem to have no end and it seems that this time the company is thinking of totally suspending the sale of all Android devices on Russian territory.

Google: more and more sanctions against Russia

To hypothesize that Google wants to apply even more stringent measures against Russia is the analyst of the Mobile Research Group, Eldar Murtazinwho explained in a post published on its official Telegram channel that Google has already canceled all licenses for the Android operating system on Russian territory.

According to Murtazin, however, this would be just the beginning: the Mountain View giant could in fact impose a total ban on the sale of the devices Android in Russia for all smartphone brands that support the operating system. A rather drastic measurebut which is undoubtedly understandable, if we consider the state of affairs.

Further news on the matter is expected today, given that the measure would have a great impact on the technology market. If this measure turns into reality, it is very likely that we will see a real boom in the black market, given how much Android devices are used in the world, Russia including.

It would therefore be the umpteenth thrust by tech companies to the Russian economy, even if the Kremlin has for now remained insensitive to these positions, continuing with its advance in the Ukrainian territories regardless of the various sanctions.

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