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Google could launch a foldable Pixel in 2022

The first Foldable Pixel it could arrive as early as 2022: the latest rumors want Google already working to bring the device to market. But the first technical details show some less performing cameras compared to the ones we’ve seen on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which Google recently announced.

A foldable Google Pixel arrives in 2022

Foldable smartphones have a big problem: they are much thicker than regular smartphones when you put them in your pocket. For this reason, every millimeter counts when designing this type of devices. This seems to be the reason that would have convinced Google to opt for lower quality sensors for its first foldable Pixel.

The research team APK Insight by 9to5Google analyzed the app code for the Google Camera, which we find in the Pixel. And he discovered the code name of a still unknown device, called Pipit in files. Although there is no official confirmation, it seems that this device may be the much desired foldable Googlephone. But instead of having the powerful new GN1 sensors seen in the new 50MP Pizel 6 and 6 Pro lineup, it’s the same camera model seen by the Pixel 3 through 5: a IMX363 to 12.3 MP.

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A sensor with which the Google development team knows how to work very well, so much so that even with a single camera you can take really good photographs. But the software only goes so far: the change of camera is a step backwards. Although perhaps it is a necessary compromise to make it easier to use the new folding.

More cameras for the Fold

In addition to the main camera, the new Pixel Fold (if that’s really its name) should also have an ultrawide camera. From the app analysis, it should be a sensor IMX386 gives 12 megapixel. In the app, this sensor is highlighted with a note, “Folded“. This suggests that the ultra-wide-angle sensor can only be used when the smartphone is folded.

Another mystery to the cameras from 8MP IMX355: it should have two, one highlighted as “inner“And the other as”outer“. The Pixel 6 uses this sensor for the selfie camera. The dual sensor could therefore ensure that you take selfies of the same quality with both the smartphone open and folded. However, it is less likely that this sensor is the same, which can be rotated in the two positions.

google pixel fold pieghevole smartphone

In summary, it looks like the new Pixel may have:

  • A 12.2-megapixel IMX363 main camera
  • Una ultrawide da 12-megapixel IMX386
  • Two 8-megapixel IMX355 cameras, one facing out and one facing in

Four cameras are more than those of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. But it seems that they serve to make it more comfortable to photograph with the various apertures of the foldablerather than improving photographic quality. Google preferred to work on the convenience of using the foldable smartphone, using cameras it had already worked on. And that they are pretty subtle.

Google is expected to launch the foldable Pixel Fold in 2022

In the code of the camera, the experts of 9to5Google have found another detail, perhaps the most interesting. In the code, reference is made to isPixel2022Foldable. Something we have seen before, for example the Pixel 3 had references to isPixel2019 while the 3a isPixel2019MidRange. Google would therefore have signaled the arrival of a leaflet (and not a different version of Pixel 6), on the way already next year.

Add to this the fact that Google has announced the arrival of Android 12L, an improved version of the operating system for foldable tablets and smartphones. Experts expect an announcement for March: launching the first Pixel Fold at the same time could be a winning move.

Nothing is sure yet, but it looks like we’ll have to wait less than expected for the Pixel Fold to launch. If this is the case, we are confident that more details on the technical features: we expect the chip Tensor, maybe in a new version? And maybe we will also be able to know something about the possible prices and if it will actually arrive in Italy as well. We will keep you posted.

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