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Google denies that Bard was trained by ChatGPT

Google rejects allegations that it is training its own AI chatbot Bard with the data of ChatGPT Of OpenAI. Rather, it seems that he wants to involve the engineers of more DeepMind in the development of artificial intelligence.

Google denies using ChatGPT to train Bard

According to The Information, Google’s Bard hasn’t had an impressive start and the company it would be trying to change the fortunes of its AI chatbots. In particular, he would be enlisting the help of DeepMindits dedicated artificial intelligence division, to beat OpenAI with a new initiative called Gemini.

The report also states that Google allegedly used OpenAI’s ChatGPT datataken from a website called ShareGPT, to train Bard. However, a former Google AI researcher reportedly warned the company that this would have violated OpenAI’s terms of service and that Bard’s answers would be too similar. Subsequently, according to the source, Google would have stopped using that data.

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However, Google has denied that the data was used to train Bard: “Bard is not trained on any data from ShareGPT or ChatGPT,” the spokesperson said Chris Dad’s.

Despite the data usage controversies, Google seems to want to get involved DeepMind, despite the fact that the division has been trying for years to become more independent from the parent company. This could allow Google to catch up with Bing and ChatGPT, which appear to be ahead in the AI ​​race. Precisely because of the OpenAI data.

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