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Google Foto ei problemi su iOS 16.3.1

Google Foto ei problemi su iOS 16.3.1 thumbnail

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Apple launched a new iPhone updatewhich seems to be causing problems with Google Photos: iOS 16.3.1 in fact it seems to have resulted in several crashes of the app. At the moment it is not clear if the problem is server-side or device-side, but several users are complaining online.

Google Photos and iOS 16.3.1, problems after update

The first report comes from The Verge, which reported that several users are complaining about the problem. Google Photos crashes when users launch the app on iPhone or iPad with OS version 16.3.1.

At the moment it is not clear if the problem is related to an incompatibility that Google can solve by updating the app, or if the problem is on the server side or on the operating system and Apple’s intervention is needed. Some users have solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but not all.

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However, even those who use Google Photos a lot should install the new update, especially since iOS 16.3.1 fixes a known vulnerability that for security reasons it is important to fix.

The new iOS also brings several bug fixes and security updates, which make it make it a recommended update to download. The hope is therefore that the problem will be resolved in a short time, so that users can stay safe without the inconvenience of an app that interrupts its functioning.

To download the update, all you have to do is go to Settings, generals and then Software update.

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