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Google has removed over 1 million apps from the Play Store

In the last few hours, Google has been reflecting on the strategies put in place to protect Android users from interacting with malicious apps and developers. In fact, every day Google Play Protect scans billions of applications installed on billions of different devices to ensure the safety of those who use them. Only last year, in fact, the system blocked the installation on Android of over 1 million App that violate Google’s policies by removing them from the Play Store.

Play Store: Google removed over 1 million malicious apps in 2021

There are billions of applications that Google Play Protect scans every day, ensuring the safety of Android users. Just last year, for example, the tech giant banned a 1.2 million App to be present in the Play Store, so as to avoid thousands of malicious installations. And as if that weren’t enough, Google has banned well 190000 dangerous accounts and closed the accounts of approximately 500,000 developers, found to be inactive or abandoned.

Not surprisingly, this week Google launched the section on data security in the Play Store, which allows developers to provide users with a more in-depth analysis of the privacy and security features of the Apps they download. Furthermore, here it becomes necessary to clarify how developers use the data they collect, and especially why the data was collected. Beyond this, Google favors Pixel users with a Security hub that guarantees total protection of smartphones, apps, Google accounts and passwords.

Finally, as if that weren’t enough, Google Play Protect uses machine learning to detect the presence of malware in the Apps scanned by the platform. As reported by the tech giant itself: “Our global teams are committed to protecting our billions of users and are looking forward to many exciting announcements in 2022”. Therefore, when an App requests to access your location, you now have the option to choose whether or not to grant it permission. And, above all, it will be possible to decide when to do it: always, once or only when using the App.

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