Google I/O 2023: the main news •

Google I/O 2023: le principali novità thumbnail

Google relies on artificial intelligence.
And not just within its ever-popular Pixels.
Il Google I/O 2023 opens with a series of software innovations that are based precisely on AI.
And so Google Photos introduces the Magic Editor, Bard program for you and…

Artificial intelligence everywhere

Sundar PichaiCEO of Google, amazes right away: Gmail is now ready to write emails for you. Some general indications and may, for example, ask for a refund for a flight in your place. A function called “Help me write” and which is also based on the info already present in your mailbox such as, in this case, the flight number.

It also updates Google Maps con Immersive View what time will come applied to roads to help you understand in three dimensions the path you will have to take to get to your destination.
Also new for Google Photo with the arrival of Magic Editor, a tool that allows you to edit photos in an advanced way but without going crazy. As? Obviously with the use of artificial intelligence which will allow, among other things, to reposition the subject, change the sky and much more.

Space also for Bard, Google’s answer to ChatGPT. The American giant is working hard to enhance it and offer users new features. Thus will come the opportunity to use Bard to program in a flood of different languages ​​and that of obtain ad hoc images created with the collaboration of Adobe Firefly.
Google Bard is now available in over 180 countries.

Scared of all this? Google has decided to introduce watermarks and metadata that clearly identify the images created by artificial intelligence.

Even Google Docs now integrates artificial intelligence so you can ask her to write something for you or generate images to enrich your documents. You can count on this artificial boost even inside Sheetswith the ability to organize data, and for any Presentationswith AI that can generate notes for each slide.

It could be missing research? Of course not! The AI ​​also infiltrates here to give you summary and useful links at the beginning, before showing you websites that may respond to your link. Accompanying this new addition should be a claim that mentions “Generative AI is experimental“, just to remind people that it’s not yet the final version of a tool that could revolutionize the search experience.
Very interesting for users, less exciting for anyone who has a site and has tried to use SEO to climb the Google SERP.