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Google introduces app storage through the Play Store

Google Play Store has finally made available theapp storage and it did so with a new update: version 33.4.

Why app storage on the Google Play Store is a plus

Because it allows users to pick up where they left off.

To be more specific, thanks to app archiving, once an uninstalled application has been recovered, the user will be able to use it again and fully enjoy it again without the need to configure it again.

This option is very convenient if we think of those who are forced to delete an application for lack of space in your Android device, especially if they are games.

With the new Google Play Store update, version 33.4, users can recover everything they want, as i local data is stored inside the smartphone. Thus deleting an app it becomes temporary and no longer definitive as it could once have happened.

In short, with the new update, the Google Play Store gives its users the opportunity to retrace their steps, if they wish.

The announcement dates back to a few months ago

Actually the possibility offered by Google shouldn’t be surprising. This new opportunity was already announced in March, which was officially released last Thursday, or November 24th.

“Archiving is a new feature that will allow users to reclaim 60% of the storage of temporarily removed apps rather than completely uninstalling them. An archived app will remain on the device and the user can easily restore it to the latest compatible version available, preserving the user’s data“, so they said Lidia Gaymond and Vicki Amin, Product Managers of Google Playin a post published on March 8 of this year on the Android Developers Blog.

Yet it seems that not all Android users have already received the new version of the Google Play Store.

The cause of this delay could be induced by the fact that it is in America holiday period (think of the Thanksgiving Dayfor example), so for a release of version 33.4 of the Play Store to all users we will have to wait a few more days.

And are you excited to finally be able to archive apps on your Android smartphones?

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