Google is about to turn on two-factor authentication by default

Google sta per attivare l'autenticazione a due fattori di default thumbnail

In May Google announced that he would become two-factor authentication the default: goodbye to passwords, for millions of accounts. And since October is cybersecurity month, he decided to remind users that he wasn’t kidding at all. Before the end of the year 150 million users will need to use two-factor authentication to log into your account.

Google, two-factor authentication becomes the default

In 2018, Google said only 10% of its accounts used two-factor to log in. A security issue: the passwords can be dangerous, especially if out of laziness the same ones are always used two to three passwords, without worrying about making them difficult to discover.

So Mountain View began its personal crusade for the two factors. First by requesting a 2 million creators on YouTube to activate it to protect their channels. And then making the authentication very simple for both those who use Android than for those who have iPhone.

Meanwhile, Google has also beefed up its own password manager in Chrome e Android, checking up to a billion passwords every day. And it should soon become easy to generate secure passwords within other apps, too, making it easier for you to protect yourself.

Finally, Google is pushing for users to choose clear options with theInactive Account Manager. This tool is used to understand what to do if you decide not to use an account anymore. You can choose a time period between three and eighteen months. When it expires, Google will send an email, just to make sure you haven’t just forgotten your password. At this point you can choose whether delete your data or send it to a trusted contact for handling.

With all these measures, Google wants to make sure users are aware of what to do to protect their credentials. The month of October is used as a reminder to be careful online: let’s use it as a reminder to check our accounts and keep them safe.