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Google is developing an app to make the transition from iOS to Android easier

The operating system Apple’s iOS and the popular equivalent Google Android they both have huge fans and to some extent maintain this user base by making it difficult to transition to the competition. Occasionally, however, one of the two systems releases tools to make it easier to switch between platforms: it seems in fact that Google is trying to facilitate the transition from iPhone to Android.

Google wants to make it easier for users to switch from iPhone to Android

As reported by 9to5Google, and as seen in the code of the “Data Restore Tool” of Android, Google would be working on an app called “Switch to Android”. This may be available for iOS devices and make it much easier to send all personal data to your Android phone or tablet.

Presumably, this app would send all contacts, apps and logins, photos, settings and more from the old iPhone to the new Android smartphone. This could replace the current method that Google has where it allows data to be backed up via Google Drive. But it looks like it could be a more comprehensive and probably simpler method too. Apple also has a similar tool, called “Move to iOS“. So if what 9to5Google reports turns out to be real, Google will probably allow you to perform the same actions with its tool.

da iphone ad android

Currently, to send your data from an iOS device to an Android phone or tablet, you need to download the Google Drive app on your iPhone or iPad and use it to perform the device backup. On the new Android device, then, you need to access Google Drive and restore the backup.

It’s a fairly reliable way to send data between the two devices, but a few things are missing – installed apps aren’t sent between devices, for example. Furthermore, the average user may not realize that this option exists through Google Drive, due to the lack of a dedicated app. Which the new instrument would do instead.

By creating a new “Switch to Android” app, then, that automate the transition process in a few simple steps, Google will provide a much easier way for non-tech-savvy people to switch to Android while retaining their data.

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