Google launches a DIY Pixel repair program

Google semplifica la riparazione in casa degli smartphone Pixel thumbnail

Thanks to a agreement with iFixit announced in these hours, Google will allow its customers to be able to fix Pixel smartphones “at home” in a much simpler way. The company, in fact, has announced that, by the end of the year, there will be the activation of the program “do it yourself” repairs. Here are the details of the new program:

Google will allow DIY repairs of Pixel smartphones

The program born from a partnership with iFixt, similar to the one close with the portal from Samsung, aims to simplify the repairs of Google Pixel smartphones. The new program, in fact, will cover Google smartphones from the Pixel 2 to the Pixel 6, including the Pro variant. The initiative will cover all markets where smartphones are officially marketed, including Italy. The program on which Google has been working for some time becomes official in conjunction with the arrival of the Freedom to Repair Act in the USA. The law passed by the US government aims to support the right to repair devices such as smartphones which are often considered “disposable”.

New partnerships on the way for repairs

Google has pointed out that repairs on its Pixel can also be done at certified structures. It will therefore not be necessary to rely on “do it yourself” repairs. The approved and certified repair centers are already available in North America and will soon be accessible in Europe as well. According to Google, in fact, the initiative launched in recent days is essential to ensure an extension of the life of smartphones.

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