Google Lens è ora integrato nella versione web del motore di ricerca thumbnail

Google Lens is integrated into the web version of the search engine

Google Lens is now integrated into the web version of the thumbnail search engine

Google initiated the release di an important novelty for the search of images through its web portal who is now capable of take advantage of Google Lens technology to find even more precise results. Here are all the details on the new feature and how to use Lens technology to access an increasingly complete search:

Google image search now leverages Google Lens technology

To take advantage of this new feature is enough access the Google image search engine from any web browser. At this point, simply click on the appropriate icon in the search bar to open a menu where you can drag an image or click on a button to load a file and start the search. Search by images will exploit Google Lens and its technology to offer the user better results.

This way, users can count on un even more precise and complete image search engine. Google’s search technology continues to evolve, integrating new tools capable of guaranteeing its users the possibility of obtaining increasingly precise and optimized results in relation to the keywords or images used. The integration of Google Lens represents a further point in favor of the Google search engine.

Here’s what the new image search menu looks like on the Google engine:

google images lens

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