Google Maps introduces new widgets for iPhone

Google Maps introduce nuovi widget per iPhone thumbnail

Google Maps is renewed and allows the introduction of i widget on the main screen of iOS and iPad OS to enrich the features available to iPhone users. In fact, users will be able to choose between two different options to make the most of the new features of the Google maps application. The new version of the application is being distributed on all compatible iPhones and iPads.

The features of the new Google Maps widgets for iPhone and iPad

The first option for the widgets on Google Maps su iPhone pIt allows users to check traffic conditions, shop opening hours and other information about a location before setting off. This function is called Know before you go. The second option for the widget, on the other hand, is Find places nearby and allows you to find all the main places nearby. The user can select the options that best suit their needs to make the most of the function.

How to use the new feature

To use the Google Maps widget, simply follow the normal procedure available for other widgets as well. Just choose the point on the Home Screen where to insert the widget and hold down. Next, you will have to choose the + option and locate the application widget. At this point, it will be possible to access the various information of the application directly from the Home Screen.