New Pokémon Snap: The next update adds three new areas

New Pokémon Snap: il prossimo aggiornamento aggiunge tre aree inedite thumbnail

New areas are on the way to explore and photograph with many additional Pokémon in the Lentil region, thanks to a free update for New Pokémon Snap coming soon on August 4th on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. This update is configured as a real expansion within Snap’s playful economy and which will allow us to put ourselves on the other side of the goal once again.

New Pokémon Snap receives a free update

The adventures in New Pokémon Snap aren’t over yet. Starting August 4th, players with an Internet connection will be able to download a free update that includes new and wonderful areas to visit and 20 additional Pokémon all to be discovered.

There will be three wonderful new areas to explore:

  • Hidden Path (day / night) – As you explore this area, the NEO-UNO will shrink, giving the impression of seeing giant Pokémon! It will even be possible to hear their breaths or the sound of their footsteps, or observe unprecedented behaviors in Pokémon already encountered in the past.
  • Milleflutti River (day / night) – This river provides sustenance and nourishment to the entire island of Ameneas with its water. Players will lead their expeditions down the river, and for this they will have to pay attention to the rapids and keep the Research Camera always ready to shoot.
  • Steppe Seqqa (day / night) – Here, searches will be conducted in the desolate lands of Volcas, where the arid winds of the desert blow. This area has many peculiarities, including geysers and swamps from which toxic gases escape. The Pokémon that live there may be hiding underground or among the rocky walls, so we will have to sharpen our eyes to observe them in the expeditions.

In these three new areas, players will find a multitude of Pokémon, including some already encountered on previous trips through the Lentil region and 20 additional Pokémon that could not be seen in the areas explored so far.