Google Maps, the update simplifies travel (also on iOS)

Google Maps si aggiorna e semplifica i viaggi (anche su iPhone e Apple Watch) thumbnail

The new update Of Google Maps allows you to plan with travel and holidays more accurately, starting from the indication of the toll price. Both for those who want to drive to visit a new city or organize a road trip in several stages. And the news doesn’t just come for Android: his iOS comes support on Siri and news for widgets, as well as new functions for Apple Watch.

Google Maps, the update makes travel easier (also on iPhone and Apple Watch)

Long-distance travel can be heavy for many users, who may perhaps opt to choose one Street toll. But how much do you spend? With the update you can now see the toll prices and a estimate of the cost to get to your destinationand, even before starting navigation.

Google Maps, however, also shows you a free alternative, for those who want to enjoy the road without stopping at the toll booths. If you always want to avoid them, just select the three points at the top right and check “Avoid tolls“In the Settings.

This option will start appearing for more than 2000 streets in India, the United States, as well as Japan and Indonesia. But it should soon arrive in Italy as well.

Even before navigation, signs on tolls and traffic were found

To help you even more in navigating unfamiliar roads during a trip, Google Maps will offer one more detailed navigation. For example you will find traffic lights e stop along the way. But also the areas of interest. And in some cities you will find the indicated shape and width of the road, including the presence of docks or road islands, to facilitate lane changes and turns.

A feature coming to select countries su Android, iOS, Android Auto e CarPlay.

A better experience on iOS and watchOS too

In addition to the new maps itself, Google introduces various conveniences to users who are using an iPhone. For example, you can access through i new widgets. You can immediately access the trip you have selected in the vostra Go Tab. You can see the estimated arrival time and even a suggested itinerary. Additionally Google is shrinking the Google Maps search widget for find your favorite places with one click.

But there is also the possibility (in a few weeks) of start browsing directly on your Apple Watch. Just select the shortcut and navigation will start automatically. You can also activate “take me Home”From your watch without taking your iPhone out of your pocket.

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Finally, comes the ability to search and get directions directly with Siri and Spotlight. In fact, it is enough to say “Hey Siri, get directions in Google Maps” O “Hey Siri, search Google Maps”To activate voice search. This feature will arrive in the next few months.

These are the news coming in the coming months on Google Maps, to more easily organize trips and holidays. Also on iPhone e Apple Watch. You can find more information on the post published by Google.