Google Maps indicherà percorsi personalizzati per le auto elettriche thumbnail

Google Maps will indicate customized routes for electric cars

Google Maps will indicate custom routes for electric cars. Thumbnail

Google Maps aims to make it easier to use electric and plug-in hybrid cars. The Google application, in fact, will make available to users of customized routes based on the type of vehicle. In this way, the app aims to maximize the environmental sustainability of mobility by making life easier for the user. That’s how:

Google Maps will indicate customized routes based on the type of car used to make life easier for electric car owners

For those who have an electric car, there is the need to follow precise routes, evaluating the nearest recharging points and optimizing travel based on different needs compared to petrol and diesel cars. For this reason, Google Maps will provide a specific feature for owners of electric and plug-in hybrid cars that can operate with zero emissions.

The app will be able to indicate the most efficient route based on the type of vehicle. In some cases, therefore, the app will suggest the shortest route. In others, such as electric cars for a long-distance journey, Google Maps will suggest the route based on efficiency and optimizing travel accordingly.

This news will arrive over the next few weeks. The feature was spotted by 9to5Google in the 11.39 beta version of the app. For the moment, there is still no precise date for the release. More details will come soon.

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