Google Nest Cam and Doorbell charging problems in cold temperatures

Google Nest Cam e Doorbell non si ricaricano correttamente con le basse temperature thumbnail

Google has confirmed a major problem with Google Nest Cam and Doorbell charging. The battery-powered video camera and video intercom made by Google have some significant problems when placed in very cold conditions. In particular, once below 0 ° C the two devices have problems with charging. These problems have been reported for some time by Google which today updated the page dedicated to assistance confirming the existence of this problem.

If it’s too cold, Google Nest Cam and Doorbell won’t charge as they should

The problem that has emerged is particularly serious for users who have purchased (or intend to do so) one of Google’s devices and who live in areas with a harsh climate. In fact, below 0 ° C, Google Nest Cam and Doorbell are not charging properly. In some cases, charging does not work causing the inability to use the devices in question.

In particularly harsh climatic conditions (-20 ° C or lower) is also recorded a sharp reduction in autonomy (even by 50%) and charging problems become even more serious. Note that Google Nest Cam can continue to work by remaining connected to the power supply while the Nest Doorbel, in cold weather conditions, fails to charge while remaining active and is forced to turn off in order to complete the charging.

Beware of the Home app

For users, there is an option to check the‘app Home to check for any charging problems. If, due to the cold, Google Nest Cam and Doorbell do not reload properly, the application will inform the user with a notification. This notification will confirm the presence of a slow charge or the total absence of a charge.

For more details you can consult the official support page.