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Google: No charger in the Pixel 6

If you are considering buying Google’s new smartphone with a homemade chip, the Pixel 6, make sure you have a battery charger in home. In fact, according to a new report by The Verge, it seems that the top of the range from Google will follow Apple’s example: no magazine in the packagene.

Google Pixel 6 will not have a charger in the box

According to The Verge, Google’s reasoning is quite similar to that made by Apple and Samsung. Many users already have a USB-C charger in the drawer, so there is no need to put one in the new packaging. The companies that propose this solution also claim that this allows for recycle the charger when you change your smartphone, avoiding throwing it in the trash. In this way, e-waste pollution is reduced.

This objection only makes sense up to a point. In recent years the charger technology is much improved, hardly an old USB-C charger will allow fast charging. This means that many users will have to slowly charge their brand new smartphone. Or more realistically, it means they will have to buy a new charger and discard the old one. So there will be no resource savings. Just a few dollars’ savings for the company that makes the smartphone.

However, for users who don’t actually need the charger the energy saving is there. Too bad that Google doesn’t seem to give users the freedom of choice.

The news, however, should not stop users who are eagerly awaiting the new Pixel 6, which promises a very high level experience thanks to the new Tensor chip. With the artificial intelligence dedicated to images, photos and videos will be of an unprecedented level. And it looks like Google has been working on unique innovations for the voice assistant.

We can’t wait to try it out. With or without charger.

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