Google Photos: private folder to hide incoming images

Google Foto aggiunge una cartella privata per immagini sensibili thumbnail

Google photo launches the “Locked Folder“, Which allows you to hide some pictures and videos in a private folder. Until now the feature was reserved only for some Google devices (like Pixel smartphones) but now it comes for all Android smartphones with Android 6 or later.

Google Photos has a private folder for hiding images

The Google Photos application soon replaced the photo folder in many smartphones (not only Android but also iOS). The ability to upload shots to the cloud, watching them from all devices and using Google’s artificial intelligence to catalog them, had a great success. Which continues despite the changes to the free service options.

A convenient and useful function that had not yet made its debut on all smartphones was the private folder, to hide your most intimate shots. A feature already present on the Pixels, which Google announced at the developer conference in May and is now for everyone.

The items you place in the secure folder they will not appear in the photo grid, nor in memories or for other apps who have access to photos and videos on the device (from photo editing to messaging). So it actually becomes a secret folder, but nevertheless accexible to the account from any device.

To configure the folder, all you have to do is open the app Google photo, then go to the section Collection. At this point select Utility. Once the app is updated, you should find the section for the private folder here. If, on the other hand, you want to save directly to the private folder from the camera, just set that destination cas default (the method varies from app to app).

This way you can keep your shots private yet always accessible.