Google Pixel 6: confermato un bug che impedisce l

Google Pixel 6: confirmed a bug preventing the use of Wi-Fi

Google has officially confirmed a bug in the Pixel 6 software. The smartphones of the American house, after the update recorded in February, experienced a very annoying problem. Some Pixel 6 specimens (only “a small number” according to Google), after completing this month’s software update, they cannot activate the Wi-Fi network forcing the user to activate the data connection to connect the smartphone to the Internet. The fix is ​​on its way but is not ready yet. Here are all the details:

The Google Pixel 6s have a problem with Wi-Fi

The bug that emerged after the February update prevents some Google Pixel 6 units from accessing the Wi-Fi network. In fact, it is not possible to activate the Wi-Fi connection and the user has to be content with accessing the mobile network. Google has confirmed the bug on Reddit. The company has confirmed that it is working on a fix but it will not be released immediately.

The update arrives in March

To solve the bug that emerged in these hours for its Pixel 6, Google is preparing a special fix that will be released with the new March update. For Pixel 6 users who are reporting this bug, they will need to wait at least another week before they can log the full issue resolution. More details on the new update and fix for this annoying bug should emerge in the next few days.

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