Google Pixel 6a, specs and benchmarks revealed

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One benchmark discovered online anticipates Pixel 6a technical specifications, the mid-range smartphone that Google is expected to launch soon. The smartphone seems to have the same chip Tensor seen in the top of the range. Which means (almost) top-of-the-range performance and advanced features.

Google Pixel 6a: The specs shown in a benchmark

MySmartPrice colleagues have found a really interesting benchmark online, which shows several features of the Pixel 6a. The benchmark Of Geekbench has the name of the ‘motherboard’ with the name in code bluejaywhich is the code name that Google appears to have assigned to the device.

The results shown on Android 12 in the single-core and multi-core tests they are not on the level of the newer Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Dimensity 900. But when we talk about top-of-the-range chips, the performance difference becomes less visible in everyday use. The positive news is that this mid-range will have the same Tensor chip that allows excellent artificial intelligence performance on the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, especially when we talk about the photo editing and use of the Google Assistant.

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Benchmarks show the octa-core configuration and the Mali-G78 GPU. But the main difference seems to be the RAM dto 6GB compared to 8GB dand top-of-the-range models. So there is indeed a performance cut for the smartphone, although that should be justified by the price.

The device is expected to have a similar design and all the smart features of the flagships, although it is unclear whether it will have the same camera sensors seen in the Google Pixel 6. The price it should be under $ 600. However, they seem very close to the starting price of the basic model. It therefore remains to be seen whether Google has not “exaggerated” with the specifications, compromising the price of the device.

The product should arrive on the market at the end of May / June, but it seems there may be delays due to supply chain problems. There is also the doubt that the device may not arrive in Italy. We will keep you informed.