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Google Pixel 8: officially elected “Best Smartphone” of 2023!

The Google Pixel 8 series triumphs at the Mobile World Congress with the “Best Smartphone” award of 2023, let’s see why

Google’s new smartphones Pixel 8 e Pixel 8 Proconfirm themselves as two of the most desired devices of the moment, winning the prestigious award “Best Smartphone” al Mobile World Congress 2024 of Barcelona.

Google Pixel 8: officially elected "Best Smartphone" of 2023!

Google Pixel 8: victory at MWC 2024

The prize, awarded by GSMAan association representing over 750 mobile operators and manufacturers around the world, confirms the excellence of the Pixel 8 in terms of performance, innovation and leadership.

Other top-of-the-range products from renowned companies were competing for the title, including Apple iPhone 15 Pro, OnePlus Open/OPPO Find N3, Samsung Galaxy S23 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

The factors that determined the success

The victory of the Pixel 8 is the result of a combination of factors:

  • Top-notch hardware: the new Tensor G3 chip, a high-resolution AMOLED display, an exceptional photographic sector and a long-lasting battery.
  • Cutting-edge software: Android 14, full of new features and optimized for Pixel 8, offers a fluid and intuitive user experience, such as the innovative Circle to Search function.
  • Innovation and artificial intelligence: Google Pixel 8 stands out for its ability to leverage artificial intelligence to improve the user experience in several ways, such as real-time automatic translation, intelligent notification management and advanced night shooting mode.

Google Pixel 8: officially elected "Best Smartphone" of 2023!

Google Pixel 8: an award that reconfirms Google’s leadership

The success of the Pixel 8 at the Mobile World Congress 2024 consolidates Google’s position as a leader in the smartphone market. The company of Mountain View has once again demonstrated its ability to innovate and create devices capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding users.

It’s the first time Google has won the award.”Best Smartphone” with two models at the same time. Furthermore, Pixel 8 is the first compact smartphone to receive this recognition. The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are already available for purchase on the official Store and at the main electronics retailers.


The “Best Smartphone” award at the Mobile World Congress 2024 is a further one confirmation of the value of smartphones made by Google. These smartphones represent an excellent choice for those who want a powerful, innovative and reliable device.

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