Google Pixel, from today you can create music and more

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Google announces many news in I’m coming for the Pixelwith intelligent features that debut with the Feature Drop of June 2022. Like the ability to create your own music tracks, vaccine cards in the operating system, and more.

Google Pixel, many new features coming

Il Feature Drop of June 2022 it is particularly full of news for all Google smartphones after Pixel 4.

Come pocket operator™ for Pixel, developed with teenage engineering. The function allows you to shoot a short video and turn it into music and video clips in a very simple way. You can also add layers, beats and mix all with ease. You can download it on the Pixel (from 5 onwards).

In addition, Google introduces the ability to show your own vaccination card directly from the home screen, although the functionality is currently only available in the USA, Australia and Canada.

Also new for functionality At a glance di Google PixeL. In fact you can now see the video feed of Nest Doorbell, in order to immediately understand who is at the door. There is a reminder for the flashlight and air quality alerts will soon arrive (in the USA, Australia and India).

They also come different wallpaper to celebrate Pride Monthcreated by illustrator Yann Bastard.

There are also news for the audio: Conversation mode arriva in Sound Amplifier pfor all Pixels from 3 onwards. It uses artificial intelligence to separate words from background noise, filtering out the rest. Using the smartphone camera, you can focus on just one person.

Finally, features announce at Google I / O 2022 com become availablee Real Tone Filters for more realistic photographs, which show people’s true skin color in a natural way. Find more details on the Google blog.

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