Google Pixel Watch 2, price and features

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Google announced today the price and features of Pixel Watch 2, the new smart watch that merges Fitbit technologies with Google artificial intelligence. The new Google Pixel Watch 2 promises to provide personalized information related to health, fitness, safety and productivity.

Google Pixel Watch 2, price and features

Google presented the new device, which wants to combine Mountain View’s AI with Fitbit’s health and sports features. All thanks to three new sensors that significantly improve monitoring of your health and fitness level. Which you find in a chest 100% recycled aluminumwhich has a battery that lasts up to 24 hours and an always active display.

Health and sports monitoring

During the launch event and in the material shared, Google made it clear that the Pixel Watch 2 focuses on health and sports activity monitoring. In fact, it has a sensor for the multi-propagation heart rate detection, powered by Google’s artificial intelligence. In addition to general health and effort during fitness, it helps motivate sleep. And send notifications for tachycardia e bradycardiaas well as guidance on daily recovery from sporting activities.

During exercise, use a series of LEDs and photodiodes, which allows you to collect precise information even during the most active phases of the exercise. Thanks to accurate heart rate monitoring, you can monitor information comand the minutes spent in the active zone, monitoring the body’s response and the general state of your heart.

Furthermore, the cEDA sensor (continuous electrodermal activity based on the detection of microscopic sweat drops), the detection of heart rate variability, heart rate and skin temperature help to understand how the body reacts to stress. When the Pixel Watch 2 detects a body response, the watch and the Fitbit app give you the option toI record your current mood and suggest how to intervene. Maybe with a walk or a relaxation exercise.

New features include Security Control, which offers proactive surveillance to ensure user peace of mind. With Pixel Watch 2, Google applications and services, such as the Google Assistant, Gmail and Calendar, are always within reach of your wrist.

Smart functions

Google also explained that Pixel Watch 2 offers new features aimed at ensuring a greater sense of user security. In addition to the technologies already seen on the first Pixel Watch, such as Emergency SOS, other interesting ones arrive. Security Control allows you to set a timer for specific situations when you want friends and family to know your location. Once the timer expires, it will ask you if you want to confirm your status or start sharing your location or contacting emergency services. In addition to providing your real-time location, you can share personal medical information to emergency services, such as blood type, allergies or other special conditions.

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Plus, you can bring the best of Google apps to your wrist. With apps Gmail e Calendar, managing your calendar and emails becomes even simpler and more intuitive when you use Google services directly from your watch. L’Google Assistant It greatly simplifies access to real-time information. And with Summaryyou will have weather forecasts on your watch face in the morning or traffic information for your next trip: an intelligent use of AI and the Google ecosystem.

Pixel Watch 2 integrates seamlessly with other Pixel devices, broadening the Google ecosystem. You can, in fact, use the service Find my device, Google Assistant, Google Home app for smart home control and remote camera shutter control directly from the watch.

You can take advantage of all these features for 24 hours, then recharging the battery about 80 minutes.

Google Pixel Watch 2: price and availability

Pixel Watch 2 arrives in four color schemes: shiny silver/sky blue, matt black/obsidian black, champagne gold/green gray and shiny silver/clay gray. Google also explains to us that we can find a wide range of accessories. Including the new thin metal straps and perforated sports straps.

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You can buy Pixel Watch 2 on the Google Store, but also from Unieuro and on Amazon. The price starts from 399 euros for the WiFi version of the device.

When you purchase the device, you will also receive a 6-month subscription to Fitbit Premium. Plus, with a one-month free trial of YouTube Music Premiumyou will be able to listen to music without advertising and download it directly to the watch, without needing a smartphone.

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