Google relies on Pixel hardware

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Interesting revelation from The Information portal, which makes it known that Google he is moving to stake everything on his own hardware Pixel. A real strategic reorganization, due to Samsung’s decline in salesdespite a recent report by Canalysis sees the South Korean company in first place for smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2022.

Pixel: Google relies on proprietary hardware to compete with Apple

The smartphone market continues to drop for the third consecutive quarter. A news that alerts Google, whose partners have seen shipments steadily drop in 2022. Apple continues to grow relentlessly, thus fueling the concern of the tech giant. And as if that weren’t enough, the ability to quit Safari’s search only exacerbates the situation. Here then comes Google’s turn: employing staff on proprietary devices, leaving aside those of third-party partners. Indeed, according to The Information report, the giant has hijacked its collaborators from the development of the Google TV software to that of Wear OS e Pixel Tablet.

And that’s not all. Google also plans cuts in the development of his Assistant, especially for non-proprietary devices. Where will the tech giant’s attention be focused, then? On Google Pixel products, it’s obvious. And the Pixel 7 launch, which arrived on the market at the same price as its predecessor. A decision that represented a serious blow for Samsung and for its Chinese partners, who for months have been launching higher-priced smartphones to be able to survive the “crisis” in the sector. What will happen in the future then? How will the market react to Google’s new strategy?