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Google Stadia closes in a few days but the controllers will work on other devices

After announcing closure last year, effective Wednesday, January 18, 2023 Google Stadia will permanently shut down their servers. The company is now completing the operations for the last refunds for its subscribers, who however had a doubt: Will it be possible to use Google Stadia controllers on other devices?

Luckily they won’t be completely useless, so you can give up the idea of ​​throwing them away or turning them into pieces of furniture. Google has announced that it will release an update that will make the controllers compatible with other platforms via bluetooth.

Google Stadia controller on other devices? An update is coming

The announcement came in the form of a tweet on the official Google Stadia account. The post reads:

“Next week, we will release an update that will allow your Stadia Controller to expand the Bluetooth connection.” The company has promised new and more comprehensive details in the coming days.

In reality, users had already found a way to connect Stadia controllers to PCs and mobile devices. However, it was an unofficial feature, and therefore subject to instability and various problems. Starting next week, however, it will finally be possible to use Google Stadia controllers on different platforms. It is not to be excluded that the update will allow Also use the controller on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles. To be sure, however, we have to wait for more information promised by Google.

Meanwhile, the closure of Stadia in September caused quite a few complaints from players. One user in particular complained that, with the closure of the service, he would have lost a good 6,000 hours of progress accumulated on Red Dead Redemption 2. Fortunately, after a real popular solicitation, the title development house (Rockstar Games) allowed the player to transfer their saves.

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