Google supports a Passkey for Android and Chrome

Google ha annunciato l'inizio del supporto a Passkey per Android e Chrome thumbnail

With a post on his official blog, Google has announced the start of support for Passkeybe on Android than on Chrome. This is a system that aims to make authentication more secure for the many online services available to users, guaranteeing a more efficient and secure service than other authentication systems.

Google will support Passkey with Android and Chrome

Today, Google has announced support for Passkey, ready to join the Google Play Servicesfor now in beta, and of Chrome Canary. The American company also confirmed that Passkey support will be integrated into stable versions of Play Services and Chrome by the end of the current year. Developers can enable Passkey support by using the WebAuthn API.

For users there will be the possibility to create passkeys on their Android device and then synchronize them between multiple devices thanks to Google Password Manager. To log in to a service via PC, on the other hand, simply use the generated QR code and validate access via the Android smartphone. Passkeys can be integrated across different platforms and browsers to provide users with a smoother login experience. Further details are available on the Google blog.