Google: this explains the reason for the blackout of November 16

Si è rotto internet: i motivi dietro al blackout di Google del 16 novembre thumbnail

On the evening of November 16, many users, including in Italy, encountered network problems. Behind the blackout there would be a problem with Google’s servers.

The Google blackout of November 16: this is what happened

It will not have escaped many that last night, November 16, the network was characterized by numerous inefficiencies. In fact, in the same time frame, users have found difficulty playing online and even using Spotify. The mystery now appears to have been unraveled. According to the portal The Verge, in fact, Google would be behind the blackout, whose Clouding service has had server problems, it is believed.

What initially confused the users, who mostly ran to report the problem on the Downdetector site, is that the blackout concerned very different services. The problem has indeed touched on games such as Pokémon Go e Rocket League, streaming services such as Spotify and even Discord.

Meanwhile, numerous companies affected by the down have used Twitter to apologize to their users. Rocket League, for example, pointed to problems with matchmaking as being in disrepair.

Fortunately, all this lasted less than an hour, averting a popular revolt and cities set on fire and flames. Let’s joke, but we’ve all already experienced that frustration during the Facebook group down last month. To be ready for future similar events, we advise you to always have a good supply of board games on hand, you never know.